Creative Disturbance

Kyle Chrisman and Charles Bernstein from the Founders Classical Academy discuss the link between the human brain and mind. Through discussion, they try and reason with the impact each aspect has on the other.

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A conversation with Ganesh Venkataraman, the new Sound Designer in the creative disturbance team. Ganesh walks us through his interesting audio engineering journey spread over 7 years.

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Mardin Artuklu Pelin Tan, sosyoloji ve sanat tarihi eğitim aldı; Mardin Artuklu Üniversitesi Mimarlık Fakültesi Öğretim Üyesi Pelin Tan'la çağdaş sanatta emek üzerine bir konuşma

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Ashton Brillante talks with Ritwik Kaikini in a podcast about his journey to the ArtSciLab. From how Ritwik found the lab to his interests, they explore the route Ritwik took to become a member of the team. 


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Janeil Engelstad speaks with practicing neurologist and sound artist Dr. Thomas Deuel about the impact of music on the brain and it’s role as a therapeutic tool, as well as his background as a jazz musician. Dr. Deuel also talks about the Encephalophone - a brain-music interface he designed that allows for thought-controlled music creation.

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A Conversation with Sarah Koehler

Janeil Engelstad talks with Sarah Koehler currently a graduate student in Statistics at Colorado State University (CSU) about how artistic training shapes one’s work in the social and physical sciences and the impact of a social science education on a career in the arts. Koehler also talks about a software package that she is writing at CSU, which will measure carbon in the atmosphere.

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Episode 224: Reviews of Beowulf, Canopy, and Shadows on the Grave #1 and #2

 On this week's show, Andy and Derek discuss Santiago García and David Rubín's Beowulf, Karine Bernadou's Canopy, and the first two issues of Richard Corben's Shadows on the Grave.

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Artificial photosynthesis, clearing the sky with artificial diamond, meeting with Pinar Yoldas

Artist Pinar Yoldas presents and discusses her approach to art and to art and science collaborations and details her specific project in relation to the FEAT residency working with the DIACAT consortium that is developing a way to clean CO2 based on artificial diamond technologies.


Recorded by Annick Bureaud on December 21st, 2016 by skype, in the framework of the EU H2020 co-funded FEAT / Future Emerging Art and Technology project [].

Jingles and sound design Jean-Yves Leloup, music Carl Harms, David James Elliott "The Wire", Sergey Lopoukha "Lull" (Universal Production Music Publishing), Stefanski "Last Light Lament" (Atmos Production Music/UNIPPM) and "Nouvelles Machines" by Pete Namlook & Geir Jenssen.

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Episode 223: Reviews of Trump: The Complete Collection, The Few #1, and Gumballs #1
This week the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics discuss Trump: The Complete Collection, Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman's The Few #1, and Erin Nations's Gumballs #1.


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Jeremiah Gassensmith speaks to Roger Malina and Ritwik Kaikini about the mechanisms and application of proteins, bacteria and bioluminescence in the present world. If bacteria sing what would it sound like? How do we hear them?    

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