Creative Disturbance

Conducted by Josh Brumett and Alex Garcia Topete, this last part of the interview explores the notion of greenness as it relates to art history. The most anthropocentric of all colours, art curator Jens Hauser says , green stands for nature, has something related to growth and constitute a large part of our visual spectrum. From night visual devices to first computer screens, green operates like a technical colour. While being the most toxic colour when it comes to the production of its particles and its pigments, green is used as an attempt to ‘green’ life itself, language, technology, and chemistry. Using Jun Takita’s transgenic mouss sculpture, and Cohen Van Balen's Pigeon D'or as biofacts - that is to say as living system equivalent to the artefact - Jens Hauser reveals how these artworks point to the intervention of human life.To what degree a bioartist has to take into account what will take place in the world?

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