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Modern Art's Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina, Part 3

Bronac Ferran and Reg Gadney discuss the latter's decision to first begin writing about kinetic art, the cross-pollination of art influences during the 1950s and 1960s, and kinetic art's (and Frank Malina's) critical and economic status among the visual and literary arts.

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Category:Pioneers and Pathbreakers -- posted at: 10:15pm CDT

Modern Art's Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina, Part 2

Reg Gadney continues his conversation with Fabrice Lapelletrie, specifically addressing his personal insights into Frank Malina's artistic method, work ethic, and legacy in the context of 21st century collaborations between the arts and technology.

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Category:Pioneers and Pathbreakers -- posted at: 10:15pm CDT

Modern Art's Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina, Part 1

Fabrice Lapelletrie speaks with artist and writer Reg Gadney about his introduction to engineer/artist Frank Malina, his relationships with Malina and famed Hungarian artist Nicolas Schöffer, and his opinions on artistic criticism.

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Category:Pioneers and Pathbreakers -- posted at: 10:14pm CDT

Generative Art and Virtual Reality podcast w/ Ryan McMahan

UT Dallas Computer Science faculty members Ryan McMahan, Paul Fishwick, and Kang Zhang discuss advancements in and uses of generative art and virtual reality.

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Category:Voices From the Crowd -- posted at: 10:26pm CDT

The Intertwining Constructions of Blackness

Edleeca Thompson and Poe Johnson explore how art and science construct the embodiment of the Black image through the lens of history, art, sports, and film.

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Category:Virtual Africa -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

El Futuro de las Prótesis Robóticas/ The Future of Robotic Prostheses

En este podcast hablamos de la historia de las protesis y cómo su tecnología ha evolucionado a través del tiempo. Nombramos algunas desventajas de las tecnologías usadas actualmente para ayudar a las personas con amputaciones recuperar su movilidad. Tambien discutimos cómo los nuevos avances tecnológicos en el área de robots bípedos han revolucionado el diseño y control de piernas prostéticas robóticas.

Researchers Dario Villarreal and Manuel de Anda Villa briefly introduce the story of the prosthesis and detail  the ways in which prostheses have evolved through time. Along with listing the disadvantages in today's current prosthetic technologies oriented towards helping amputees recover their mobility, Villarreal and de Anda Villa also describe how current technological advances in the field of biped robotics have improved the design and control of robotic prosthetic legs.

Direct download: Robotics_Prosthetics.mp3
Category:The Bold Roast: Student Conversations -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Perspectives on Games for Change

UT Dallas MFA student Peter Wonica and MA student Richard Wirth meet to discuss the topic and movement known as "Games for Change", in light of their recent participation in the Meaningful Play conference.

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Category:The Bold Roast: Student Conversations -- posted at: 1:32pm CDT

Putting the User Back in User Experience

Cassini Nazir and Jeremy Johnson discuss recent topics in user experience design and themes around his talk, Putting the User Back in User Experience.

Slides of Jeremy's talk can be found online at

Direct download: BigDesign1_Complete.mp3
Category:Thoughts on Big Design -- posted at: 11:04am CDT

Platform for the Indie Platformer

Kyle Kondas sits down with former Gearbox Software developer J. Kyle Pittman to discuss the latter's venture into the world of indie game development. The two specifically address the release of Pittman's new game, "Super Win the Game", the sequel to one of 2012's most well-received indie game releases, "You Have to Win the Game".

Direct download: Indiegame1.mp3
Category:Indie Game Nation -- posted at: 10:58pm CDT

Why Big Dreamers Need to Know About Big Data

Meet your "Big Dreams? Big Data!" co-hosts and learn what ‘big data’ means to them – and, more importantly, why it matters to you!

vTapestry is a partnership between Christine Maxwell and Rebekah Nix dedicated to creating and delivering high-quality development tools and resources to support professionals in meeting the diverse challenges presented by a global community. vTapestry's combined expertise and experience in technology, education and publishing lend a unique capacity for realizing the potential of innovative ideas that lead to real-world solutions.

Direct download: Big_Dreams_Big_Data.mp3
Category:Big Data Big Dreams -- posted at: 9:16am CDT

Cancer: Finding Beauty In the Beast

Caroline Ometz and UT Southwestern PhD student Dhru Deb discuss their scientific/artistic collaboration in exploring cancer, using wabi-sabi and chaos theory to draw connections between the arts and science. The goals of their project are five-fold: gallery installation, publication, creation of a community of cancer sci-artists, education of the public through dialogue about cancer, and the production of new insights in research. Utilizing a process that combines the informational, the emotional and the creative, Ometz and Deb seek to see cancer in a new way.

Direct download: Roger_Beauty_In_Cancer.mp3
Category:Voices From the Crowd -- posted at: 8:39pm CDT

Dark Matter in Astronomy and in Art

Artist Morehshin Allahyari and astronomer Roger Malina are collaborating on a project that uses dark matter as a linking metaphor. Allahyari is currently focusing on making hidden and censored realities in Iran more visible, and is collaborating with Malina on a work that deals with his father, Frank Malina, and his problems with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Specifically, the FBI's files on Frank Malina detail the reports of an "Informant No. 11", who accused him of deliberately slowing down the allied victory in WWII.

With these projects in mind, Allahyari and Malina discuss the knowables and unknowables in human life and in the universe.


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Category:Voices From the Crowd -- posted at: 10:06am CDT

Introduction to Art and Earth Science

Dr. Kathy Ellins and Dr. Susan Eriksson address the current status of art and earth science collaborations and new directions that could bolster their utility in geoscience research and education. Dr. Kathy Ellins works in the office of Outreach and Diversity in the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin, while Dr. Susan Eriksson is an independent consultant and a research fellow in the ArtSci Lab at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Direct download: Sara_Ericksson.mp3
Category:Art and Earth Science -- posted at: 8:08pm CDT

Présentation de la plateforme RAMI au Liban

Claudine Dussolier, Abdo Nawar et Ricardo Mbarkho nous parlent de leur prochain livre et de la plateforme RAMI (Rencontres Arts et Multimédia Internationales) qui développe depuis une dizaine d’années des projets d’échanges internationaux en Afrique du nord et dans le bassin méditerranéen.

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Category:Virtual Africa -- posted at: 7:04pm CDT

Emergence in Generative, Algorithmic Art

Charissa Terranova and Frieder Nake converse about algorithmic aesthetics, generative form, and emergence.

Direct download: FRIEDER_TERRANOVA.mp3
Category:Pioneers and Pathbreakers -- posted at: 5:41pm CDT

The Work and Legacy of Liliane Lijn, Part 3

In this final part of Creative Disturbance's featured discussion on and with artist Liliane Lijn, the conversation moves to Lijn's take on the artistic atmosphere during the volatile '60s and her fifty-year-long legacy as a pioneer in kinetic art.

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Category:Pioneers and Pathbreakers -- posted at: 5:54pm CDT

The Work and Legacy of Liliane Lijn, Part 2

Bronac Ferran and Fabrice Lapelletrie continue picking the brain of artist Liliane Lijn. Here, Lijn offers her opinions on classifying her own artwork, collaboration with fellow artists, and inspirations that led to some of her more unique creations.

Direct download: LIJN-2_Final.mp3
Category:Pioneers and Pathbreakers -- posted at: 5:53pm CDT

The Work and Legacy of Liliane Lijn, Part 1

Artist Liliane Lijn sits down with Fabrice Lapelletrie and Bronac Ferran to discuss the intent and influences behind her contributions to kinetic art.

Direct download: LIJN-1_Final.mp3
Category:Pioneers and Pathbreakers -- posted at: 5:51pm CDT

Viralité et numéricité

Longtemps considéré comme une entité semi-vivante, inerte et active, molécule et organisme à la fois, ou au contraire, rien de tout cela, le virus est aujourd’hui envisagé comme un agent essentiel à l’évolution de la vie chez les êtres vivants. Retour avec Thierry Bardini sur l’actualité de cette figure de l’écologie symbiotique, à l’intersection des mondes numériques et biologiques.

Direct download: Yvan_BardiniPodcast2Final_2.mp3
Category:Meta-Life -- posted at: 8:15pm CDT

Scénographies du vivant

Peut-on (ou plutôt comment) penser le théâtre, la danse et les arts de la performance à l’ère des biotechnologies, de l’ingénierie du vivant et de l’émergence de formes de vie artificielles? Roger Malina et Yvan Tina proposent un rapide tour d'horizon de ces pratiques, entre arts et techno-sciences, qui ouvrent de nouvelles avenues dans le champ de la représentation.

Direct download: CD_Yvan_Roger_1.mp3
Category:Meta-Life -- posted at: 8:13pm CDT

The Conductor

Andrew Blanton and Scot Gresham-Lancaster introduce and discuss CONDUCTOR, an exploration in real-time sound diffusion using multiple iOS devices as sensors for the placement of sound.

The design references the historical use of spatial dimensions in music and addresses how the disintegration of traditional audience/performer roles creates massive implications for this new approach to "conducting". The system requires at least four channels of audio for 360 degree audio spatialization.

Direct download: The_CONDUCTOR_Andrew_and_Scot.mp3
Category:Sound and Data -- posted at: 8:11pm CDT

Crowdfunding the Indie Film

Filmmaker Jeff Walker discusses with David Marlett the methods and madness of Jeff's crowdfunding campaign for his new indie movie, JINH. They discuss filmmaking, passion projects, and Jeff gives strong insights and tips for crowdfunding campaigns for films.

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Category:Adventures In Crowdfunding -- posted at: 8:09pm CDT

Finding America

A conversation between David Marlett and Iraq veteran Craig Anderson. Craig has an ongoing Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign wherein he seeks funding to travel across the United States, photographing and documenting what makes America a great country to live in and fight for. In this conversation Craig discusses what led him to undertake this mission, the work involved in crowdfunding, the obstacles he faced, and the passion required.

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Category:Adventures In Crowdfunding -- posted at: 8:06pm CDT

Simply Successful Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding expert David Marlett and new media/crowdfunding attorney Michael Melfi talk about the current world of crowdfunding, with a particular look at equity crowdfunding and the new portal FUNDERBUILT.

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Category:Adventures In Crowdfunding -- posted at: 3:10pm CDT

Arts Activities of Successful Scientists

Robert Root-Bernstein discusses (with astronomer and editor Roger Malina) how successful scientist and engineers (Nobel Prize winners, Academy members) partake in arts avocations as part of their creative research practice. His studies find that successful scientists and engineers engage in the arts far more than less successful ones. He also describes the habits of creative people as detailed in his book, Sparks of Genius.

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Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 3:08pm CDT

Water is in the Air

Our contributors discuss their work in the arts and sciences as showcased in the new article collection, "Water Is in the Air: Physics, Politics, and Poetics of Water in the Arts". "Water Is in the Air" explores the ways that artists, from all over the world, working at the cutting edge of science and engineering, create work that addresses critical issues of water in culture and society.

Direct download: Water_is_in_the_AirEp.24.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 3:05pm CDT

The Sublime in Art and Science

Listen as our contributors discuss the connections between science and the arts, especially where the sublime--the unknowable, the incomprehensible-- fits within these fields. Featuring Michael Punt, Sundar Sarukkai, Martyn Woodward, and Roger Malina.

Direct download: ConnectsEp.18.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 3:04pm CDT

Art and Atoms

Our contributors explore the connections between the sciences and art with a specific focus on chemistry, and discuss how materials traditionally identified with science can be used to create unique pieces of art.

Direct download: Art_and_AtomsEp.20.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 3:02pm CDT

Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks

Maximilian Schich, Isabel Meirelles, and Roger Malina discuss the contents and creation of the new article collection, Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks, which explores the application of the science of complex networks to art history, archeology, visual arts, the art market, and other areas of cultural importance.

Direct download: AHCNEp.17.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 3:00pm CDT

Leonardo Music Journal Anniversary

Nicolas Collins, editor of Leonardo Music Journal and Chair of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, answers questions about the 20th anniversary issue of LMJ. In this podcast, Collins explains how he chose the issue's theme of "improvisation" and shares his insights regarding the process of putting the issue together, as well as about how improvisation and composition have evolved during his tenure as editor of LMJ.

Direct download: 20th_AnniversaryEp.10.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 2:57pm CDT

Here Come Immersive Movies

Author and filmmaker David Marlett meets with immersive media artist and researcher Michael Naimark to discuss the emergence of immersive cinema, its expected challenges, and new storytelling opportunities.

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Category:Cinemersia -- posted at: 2:53pm CDT