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这个访谈是南京大学艺术学院教授陈静博士在德州大学达拉斯分校,艺术、技术及新兴传 媒学院 (ATEC)的艺术与科学实验室(ArtSciLab) 访问时有关艺术与科学研究专题的一段 分享。陈教授表示此行除了与德州大学伊迪丝·奥唐奈艺术史学院 The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History (EODIAH)的合作项目顺利进行外还有一个惊喜的收获:作为南大 艺术与文化创新及创意实验室 Art and Cultural Innovation and Creativity Lab (ACInno Lab) 的 主要负责人,她很高兴 能够和德州大学马林纳教授的 ArtSciLab建立了初步的合作意向。陈 教授专精于新媒体研究,数字人文研究以及新媒体与文化创意等。 她介绍了自己从读博 研到成为一位资深学者的探索和心历路程,例举了所做的研究课题及参与领导的重点项 目, 分享了对科学与艺术在概念上及在教育层面上的解读,比较了两个实验室在机制上 的异同。她还分析比较了东西方不同文化对艺术与科学的研究角度,展望未来的合作方向 和前景,并为有志于从事跨学科研究的同学们及青年学者提出建设性的建议。

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Exploration, play, and mastery of digital computer equipment has been a growing trend in public education for quite some time. Because schools have increased an emphasis for STEM practices across the nation schools must transcend linear classroom structures. The Digital Arts and Technology Academy is an effort to challenge that and to provide a new curriculum model in Grand Prairie Independent School District with an emphasis on starting at the middle school level. Curriculum strategy and development is something that all schools seek to be better at and with standardized test score accountability systems in place, teachers are always looking at new ways to increase student interaction as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills. The Digital Arts and Technology Academy is an effort to transform a traditional middle school structure within a three-year program design and use an approach to bridge post-secondary educational goals with public school systems through technology and a non-traditional classroom engagement philosophy. This will be a brief demonstration of strategies that can be implemented for school improvement, increasing interactivity, and why for us the transformation of a traditional school system can work in public education. 

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Harvey Seifter, founder of Art of Science Learning, joins Dr. Kathryn Evans to discuss an experimental section of ARTS 1301 that will incorporate findings and practices from his organization, Art of Science Learning. 

Direct download: Harvey_Seifter_Interview_2_11_4_19.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 6:51pm CDT

Join Roger Malina for a conversation with AoSL founder Harvey Seifter as the two discuss the impact of artistic skills and experiences on the processes of learning and innovation. 

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Terranova interviews Olynyk about her transdisciplinary art-sci practice and work in the Medical Humanities at Washington University, St. Louis.

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Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 5:54pm CDT

Jeremiah Gassensmith speaks to Roger Malina and Ritwik Kaikini about the mechanisms and application of proteins, bacteria and bioluminescence in the present world. If bacteria sing what would it sound like? How do we hear them?    

Direct download: jeremiahRogerritwik.mp3
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Social Technologies and the Human Project

Saulo FA Barretto speaks to Roger Malina about his life and his initiative for deploying a model for human development in vulnerable regions based on art, science and technology.

He founded a research institute( to develop solutions for social needs through various technologies and close interaction with the communities. 


Direct download: saulo_roger_Podcast.mp3
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A continued conversation between Gryphon Rue on the experience of abstract things and everyday life. Gryphon Rue's installations are focused around sensory perception and sound. They speak briefly about Alexander Calder, an American Sculptor who invented the 'mobile', a type of moving sculpture. Gryphon Rue reinvents these into interactive sound mobiles in his present exhibition which will open to public on March 10th.  Read more about the exhibition below:


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Strange Attractor: A Ballroom Marfa Exhibition Pt. 1 [ENG]

Gryphon Rue, curator for the exhibition Strange Attractor, speaks with Roger Malina about some of the artworks that will be featured in Ballroom Marfa. One work, by Phillipa Horan, uses mycelium (of which mushrooms are the fruiting body) grown to fit a sculptural mold. Gryphon also talks about Haroon Mirza’s monumental Stone Circle sound work calling Mirza a “composer of objects.” Roger inquires about the Edgar Varese compositions proposed for the exhibition. Read more about the exhibition below:

Direct download: Gryphon_Rue_1_Podcast.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 3:30pm CDT

Does the Use of Sonification in Astronomy Mis-communicate with the Public ? [ENG]

James Ferguson talks about early data sonification use in the Voyager satellite mission and other examples including the sonification of the LIGO gravitational waves, He discussed current work that is described in an article in the Communicating Astronomy with the public journal, He and Roger Malina discuss the concerns from some scientists as to whether such sonifications actually mis-communicate with the public.

Direct download: Ferguson_Podcast.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 7:10pm CDT

Ideas for Breakfast: Virtual Reality Geological Studio

Brian Burnham just received his PhD in Geology from the University of Manchester. He discusses the field of sequence stratigrahy, a field crucial for understanding the changes of sea level in the past and interpreting current climate change sea level change. With Roger Malina he discusses transdisciplinary collaboration between the geosciences, computer sciences and art and technology.

Direct download: Ideas_for_Breakfast_burnham.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Art, Science and Open Electromagnetic Spectrum Culture

Sharath Chandram Ram describes his work in art, design and open science, and internet culture, He maintains a lab on internet and society at the Srishthi School for Art and Design in Bangalore, India. He describes his workshop in open radio astronomy that he held at the Explorapark in Medellin, Colombia and his work with indian fishing communities embroiled in ownership of the electromagnetic spectrum debates, In dialogue with Roger Malina.

Direct download: Sharath_Chandram_Podcast.mp3
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New Narratives of the Anthropocene or is it Chthulucene [ENG]

Ewen Chardronnet discusses the evolving myths and narratives about the anthropocene that he uncovered as he researched the special issue of the French MCD magazine Special Issue . He discusses the artists residencies he is organising at the Roskoff Marine Biology Station. He also refers to Harrraway's concept of the Chthulucene . In discussion with Roger Malina

Direct download: RogerEwenNarratives_Podcast.mp3
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Layers of Innovation and Design [ENG]

In this podcast Azadeh Abrishami discusses design, innovation, and research with Roger Malina. Azadeh Abrishami talks about her new start-up company and the effective design work that it is creating. She also discusses her past with academia where she studied under Bob Fee in both industrial engineering, industrial design, and design management.

Direct download: WateringHole4_15_2.mp3
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SMU's Method to Build a Model for the Individual [ENG]

In this podcast James David Hart and Roger Malina discuss SMU's method of teaching/training students. By including an entrepreneurship aspect into the curriculum a student gains more knowledge and a wider view point about their art/product. When building the business model students are encouraged to build for a singular individual in mind. This will give the student a chance to see from the consumers point of view and allow for precise feedback.

Direct download: Hart_WateringHole_2_5_16.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

The Sun's Point of View [ENG]

Lucy HG Solomon of the art collective, The League of Imaginary Scientists, probes future outcomes of Earth through human physicality. The results range from prosthetic tree limbs to human glaciers and posit human sensory organs for perceiving environmental data. She will present multidisciplinary art that combines digital media, dance, chemistry and geology.

Direct download: WateringHole4_15_16.mp3
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Machines Lie with Judge John Marshall [ENG]

In this podcast Roger Malina discusses lying machines with Judge John Marshall and Ken Murphy. Judge John Marshall explains the theory of cyber ethics and talks about the expansion of machines and the overlap that is growing into the legal systems. Judge John Marshall also discusses with Ken Murphy the creation and advancement of space law.

Direct download: WateringHole4_1_Part2.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Sound's Path to Academia [ENG]

In this podcast Allucquére Rosanne (Sandy) Stone discusses the then and now of sound. Sandy Stone describes the route that she has taken to academia "where all good people eventually do arrive". Sandy Stone also explains her obsession with technology and analog.

Direct download: WateringHole3_4.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Designing the Mundane, Live Your Light, Chickens Unite! [ENG]

Collin Steinmetz of the Ilumi lighting company,, discusses with Cassini Nazir of the ArtSciLab at UT Dallas the disruptive technologies in the lighting industry. Ilumi uses the motto “Live Your Light” to make the point that we underestimate the impact of lighting design on individuals. Ilumi sells a number of products for consumers and companies that allows individuals to tailor their lighting environment to their own specific biological rhythms and reactions to light. Cassini Nazir brings in the idea of “Designing the Mundane” that points out that many aspects of our life can be designed but are often neglected. Steinmetz ends with the most unexpected customer Ilumi has had: a chicken farmer who wanted to design the lighting to maximize egg laying --- and indeed the they worked using the ‘sunrise’ bulb to wake the chickens up earlier and the Circadian lightbulb to extend the egg laying period.

Direct download: WateringHole2_12_17_2.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Shipping Dirt from the Moon with Ken Murphy and Judge John Marshall [ENG]

In this podcast Roger Malina discusses space with Ken Murphy and Judge John Marshall. Ken Murphy explains cislunar space and the advancements that will come with progression inside cislunar space. Ken Murphy and Judge John Marshall also discuss the legal and beneficial aspects of shipping moon dirt to Earth for agricultural advancements.

Direct download: WateringHole4_1_Part1.mp3
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The Lumen Life - Reexamining the Relationship Between People and Lighting [ENG]

Light is a powerful force that often seems to fall into the background of our day-to-day lives. It tells us when to wake and when to sleep. It creates atmosphere and mood. It gives focus and function. It entertains and envelops. So why is control of lighting normally limited to on and off? As both the LED lighting and the connect home industries continue to see exponential growth, we find it increasingly important to examine how people interact with light, how light interacts with them, and what can be done to help people think about an ordinary item in an extraordinary way.

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Crushing Conventions: Nomad Evolution [ENG]

Urvi Bhandari, Partner and Chief Connections Officer for Crush Industries, discusses the new forms of professional nomadism emerging. She discusses how the JUNE project is seeking to address the professional needs of retired elders, but also ideas for floating cities and other new social organisations that will emerge over the coming century given the changing demographics, professional career paths and the needs of personal life styles. The discussion is with Roger Malina.

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When Do Scientists Get Time to Think? [ENG]

In this podcast Roger Malina talks with David McPhail about his work and research. David McPhail's work focuses on material analysis and experimentation on that material with its environment.  Also discussed is difficulties and powers of the many different collaborations that occur within this field of research.

Direct download: WateringHole2_26.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 1:22pm CDT

Journalism's View on Fracking [ENG]

Roger Malina discusses with Amelia Jaycen and Bobby Nash fracking from a journalistic view point.  This discussion views fracking from journalistic view points such as academic articles, internet based medias, and documentary styled art forms.

Direct download: Malina_Nash_Amelia_Podcast.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 1:56am CDT

Aesthetics of Complexity: The Distopias of Scale [ENG]

Roger Malina and long time friend Meredith Tromble discuss what she calls the "aesthetics of complexity." Roger and Meredith talk about what people desire, realism in art, and collective identity in this intellectually engaging podcast. Meredith also shares her workings with Dream Vortex.

Direct download: Aesthetics_of_complexity.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

STEAM: Bespoke Chicken or Curated Brisket? [ENG]

Robert Fee, Paul Fishwick and Roger Malina discuss the current discussion on the need to integrate art and design into science and engineering, STEM to STEAM. In particular the different ways that design is understood , from component design to context design. They can teach design using different approaches from problem, project, object, and topic approaches, but that university curricula are often designed backwards with the integrative approaches only occurring later in the syllabus. The discussion concluded with a nightmare scenario of the museum of the future which anticipates visitor interests and tell them what to experience, and commercial personalization of buyer needs versus customization. Fee contrasted the scenarios of going to the restaurant and experiencing the unanticipated offer of a great chef, a restaurant algorithm that anticipates what you should eat based on previous behavior, or a made-to-order menu.

Direct download: Fee_Fishwick_Malina_1_22_16.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 10:21pm CDT

Life is a Long Game of Chess [ENG]

Paul Fishwick discusses with Zurabi Javakhadze and James Stallings the effects chess can have on life.  They also discuss the differences that can occur between chess based programs and methods of playing chess.

Direct download: ChessPodcast1_1.mp3
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Art-Act: une écriture du désastre [FR]

Art-Act est une entité binaire, constituée de Gaspard et Sandra Bébié-Valérian, qui utilise les moyens de l’art pour une «invention du quotidien», se détacher des normes, pour une politique de la récupération et du retournement. Dans ce podcast, le duo livre des clés de lecture du projet "What is Rising" qui a donné lieu à un séjour de résidence à Central Trak (Dallas) soutenu par l'Institut Culturel Français et le programme d'Art et technologie de UT Dallas. La performance-installation traite de l'exploitation du gaz de schiste par fracturation hydraulique ainsi que du risque de catastrophe qu'elle génère. Où "Ce qui monte" pourrait se donner à entendre comme une insurrection qui vient...

Direct download: Malina_Tina_Sandra_Gaspard11_20.mp3
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Disorienting Procedures: Teaching Consciousness through Art Science Practice [ENG]

Ellen Levy discusses her work bridging the arts and the study of consciousness with Roger Malina. Levy argues that artists are experts and developing disorienting procedures which allow them to manipulate perception and attention. Artists seem to have particular skills at simultaneously being aware of foregrounds and backgrounds. She discusses a number of artworks that illustrate embodied cognition. The ideas in this podcast are part of the work for Ellen's Course at the New School on Consciousness and creativity.

Direct download: Ellen_Levy_2_Podcast.mp3
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Fracking an Academic and Humane Look at the Pros and Cons [ENG]

In this podcast Yvan Tina discusses with Amelia Jaycen, Gaspard and Sandra Bébié-Valérian about fracking. Fracking is hydraulic fracturing where you inject liquid at high pressure into the ground to fracture/cut the rock.  They discuss both the academic ends of fracking as well as the human and political ends.

Direct download: Tina_Gaspard_Amelia_Sandra11_20.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 10:45am CDT

When the Mind is the Medium; On the New Connections between Art and Neuroscience [ENG]

Ellen Levy discusses the burgeoning work at the nexus between the arts and neurosciences today. There is a renewed interest in how artists can provide outlooks insights and new approaches for cognitive and neuroscientists. and recognises the inadequacies of contemporary science to understand subjective experience, qualia and consciousness . She notes that some qualia can now be measured; her discussant Roger Malina, her discussant, jokes that this is the first time he has heard an artist comment favorably on reductionism.

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The Willful Marionette [ENG]

A talk between artists, Lilla LoCurto and Bill Outcault and Kazjon Grace, Assistant Research Professor at UNC Charlotte. Moderated by Stephanie Grace, an Interaction Designer at Bloomberg in NY. The discussion will relate to a recent work just completed by the artists, an interactive marionette, and how it relates to art, technology and artificial intelligence.

Direct download: TheWillfulMarionette_LillaLoCurto1_3.mp3
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The Divorce of Eye and Ear is an Accident of the History of Technology [ENG]

Guy Edmonds , a researcher in audiovisual history, discusses the very early days of cinema and his PhD work restaging some of the devices and performances. With Roger Malina he comments on the early days of the cell phone as a cinematic device and celebrate audivisual heritage day. He also discusses his interdisciplinary interactions wtih the 25 PhD students currently at the Cognovo program at the University of Plymouth.

Direct download: GuyEdmonds10_26.mp3
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Helen and Newton Harrison on the Role of Artists in Mitigating Climate Change [ENG]

Helen and Newton Harrison are pioneers in the art and the environment movement since the 1970s. Over the last twenty years they have been doing projects and installations around art and climate change. Past projects have focused on watershed restoration, urban renewal, agriculture and forestry issues. see for the Force Majeure ebook. They are currently working with the Sagehen Creek Field Station for a long term art and climate change project.

Direct download: Helen_Newton_01.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Raízes da Curiosidade: Tempo de Ciência e Arte, a perspectiva da curadora do projecto, à conversa com Madalena Wallenstein [PT]

Neste podcast, Madalena Wallenstein dá a sua visão sobre o projeto de arte e ciência “Raízes da Curiosidade: Tempo de Ciência e Arte” e fala sobre o culminar do ciclo com o lançamento de um livro onde os intervenientes (duplas cientista-artista, criadores da ideia original, diretores artisticos e curadora) refletem sobre o processo de criação.

Direct download: MadalenaPortuguese1.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Putting Together the Best Band for Coworking [ENG]

In this podcast Roger Malina discusses with Chirag Gupta about coworking and collaboration. Within this they talk about NoD - North Dallas Coworking Space and methods of improving coworking/collaboration. A key point to Chirag's improvements are his applications of music.

Direct download: Gupta_Malina10_16_15.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 2:27am CDT

Dallas Art, Community, and Philanthropy [ENG]

In this podcast Maryam Obaidullah Baig and Chirag Gupta discuss Dallas' ever growing art community. The expanding and amazing art community in Dallas has lead to incredible philanthropy innovations and together the Dallas' community has been pushed and improved.

Direct download: Maryam_Gupta10_9_15.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 10:57am CDT

Improbable Sound [ENG]

In this podcast Roger Malina, Ruth West, and Corey Smart discuss the past, present, and future of virtual reality implementation. We also discuss the uses of sound within old and new technology.

Bumper Created by: Corey Smart

Direct download: West_Malina_Smart9_17_15.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 3:27pm CDT

Remixing Music, Data, and Ideas [ENG]

In this podcast Corey Smart and Roger Malina discuss remixing in its different forms. From data remixing to different methods of music remixing, as well as the ways of viewing/analyzing data.

Direct download: Malina_Smart_9_15.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 7:06am CDT

Kickstarting New Characters and different Endings for a Novel [ENG]

Carlos Harleaux ( discusses with Roger Malina his work as an online poet who succesfully crowdfunded via kickstarter his latest novel "Fortune Cookie"; kickstarter donors above a giving level can be a character in the book, or each get a different version of the novel ending. Harleaux and also his resource site for online and digital writers called Indiblock.

Direct download: Carlos_Harleaux_Podcast.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Cognitive Innovation through Embodied Cognition and Somatics; Fascia as a Sense Organ [ENG]

Diego Maranan discusses with Roger Malina how the body shapes the mind, with for example current research on fascia, or the soft tissue, which seems to be one of the largest sense organs we have. He discusses techniques to become more aware of one's own bodily structure. As a dancer he is also becoming trained in feldenkrais techniques. He discusses how this work will contribute to his PhD thesis in the Cognovo Program

Bumper Created by: Corey Smart

Direct download: DiegoMaranan1.mp3
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From Quantum Cognition and Decision Making to the Role of DMT in Cognition [ENG]

Christopher Germann and Roger Malina discuss Chris' current work in the Cognovo Ph D program, on quantum cognition which applies the mathematical formalisms of quantum theory to understanding cognitive processes. Germann is also working on non-commutativity in decision theory, with experiments in visual decision making and judgements. He is also studying the role of DMT in visual perception and cognitive capacities.

Bumper created by: Corey Smart

Direct download: ChristopherGermann1.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

COGNOVO "Drones with Desires by Agi Haines [ENG]

Agi Haines, a research fellow at the COGNOVO program in Cognitive Innovation at the University of Plymouth discusses her art projects with live human bodies and dead bodies, including her project "Drones with Desires" as part of Erasmus, and behaviour studies of microscopic organisms.

Direct download: Agi_Haynes_Podcast.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Creativity is a Pretty Hard Problem [ENG]

Jack McKay Fletcher discusses with Roger Malina the idea that 'creativity' is the category of 'hard problems" as developed by philosopher David Chalmers. Or perhaps a "pretty hard problem"with sub areas that can be modularised, and identified with particular brain functions and regions, but is primarily systemic brain activities of the 'hard problem' type such as consciousness.

Bumper Created by: Corey Smart

Direct download: JackMcKay1.mp3
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Le Nouveau Terrain des Artistse Pyrotechniciens P A Hubert [FR]

L’artiste Pyrotechnicien Pierre-Alain Hubert discute avec Roger Malina de ses performances publiques au milieu d’espaces urbains et naturels et de sa fascination pour les notions d’échelle. Pierre-Alain Hubert a entrepris un échange avec le chercheur en nano sciences Jim Gimzewski au sujet des questions d’échelle et des phénomènes physiques afférents. Hubert lui a notamment fait part des plus petits feux d’artifices créés avec son maître japonais Takeo Shimizu. Gimzewski fut intrigué par cette démonstration qui amena les deux hommes à collaborer pour des projets de feux d’artifices qui explorent ces questions. Hubert s’intéresse tout autant à la physique quantique et cherche à traduire les concepts de cette discipline en des œuvres accessibles (perceptibles) par les sens humains. Pierre-Alain Hubert collabore aussi avec le chercheur Ricardo Lima (CNRS) dans le but de créer des œuvres d’art pour le laboratoire de Jim Gimzewski à l’Université de Californie (UCLA). Lorsque Gimzewski voulut savoir quelles étaient les motivations de Pierre-Alain Hubert, ce dernier lui répondit « K0 ». Gimzewski se demanda alors si cette appellation désignait la constante de Boltzmann. Hubert lui expliqua que « K0 » est le nom donné aux feux d’artistes réalisables sans crainte que la police ne vous emprisonne ; le travail de l’artiste pyrotechnicien occupe désormais des territoires beaucoup plus restreints, à l’échelle nano notamment, puisque les lois anti-terroriste actuelles rendent dorénavant impossible le travail avec les feux d’artifices ( ).

Direct download: Pierre2.mp3
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PORTALS: Amar Bakshi discusses Art, the Law, Diplomacy and the Sharing of Linked Virtual Spaces [ENG]

Bakshi describes his current project Portals, a series of shipping containers located in Cuba, Iran and other countries- and which are designed as linked shared virtual spaces- and which aim to enable 'bi-directional' encounters. bakshi has worked in the state department, and news agencies and is interested in socially engaged practices that link the arts to foreign relations and the law. He organised a conference on Artists and The Law at Yale in 2015.

Direct download: AmarBakshi.mp3
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Art and COP 21: Artist Tara DePorte and her work with Environmental Scientists [ENG]

Artist Tara DePorte is in residency in Marseille, France at the IMERA Institute for Advanced Study. She discusses her work with Joel Guyot and local environmental scientists to develop public art projects to create social action around the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015. She discusses with Roger Malina the ideas of making the invisible visible- not only the science but the people doing the science and making it personal. Roger Malina chimes in with his argument for artists’ role in making science ‘intimate’.

Direct download: TeraDeporte_2.mp3
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The iEAR Startup: Curriculum and Values in Electronic Art Education [ENG]

Art and Technology pioneer Neil Rolnick follows up on his podcast in the Pioneers and Pathbreakers channel to discuss the environment at RPI in the 80s that led to the setting up of an MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts. He discusses some of the cultural issues such as involvement of administrative and technical staff ( as opposed to the more hierchical environment when he had been at IRCAM).

Direct download: NeilRolnickNo2_NewLeo.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Artist Tara DePorte discusses how Environmental Artists can Inspire Specific Actions [ENG]

Tara DePorte talks with Roger Malina about her work as an artist activist working for social and environmental movements. She founded the NGO Human Impacts Institute. She is currently in residence in IMERA in Marseille working with environmental scientists at Aix Marseille University. She discusses her approaches to public engagement with very diverse audiences from specialists at the UN, to communicating to experts outside of ones field to a variety of civil society audiences. She argues that one needs to embed projects in the end goals of stimulating social action and change.

Direct download: TeraDeporte_1.mp3
Category:New Leonardos -- posted at: 12:30am CDT

Vers une Empathie Entre les Humains et les Creatures Articifielles [FR]

Edmond Couchot, pionnier français des arts numérique, discute en français avec Roger Malina, son implication dans la création de arts hybrides qui lient les arts visuels et les arts sonore, en respectant leur spécificités. Cette hybridations crée les conditions pour l’émergence, et même de l’empathie, entre les formes de vies humaines et numérique, avec les nouvelles générations de créatures artificiels qui sont en développement. Malina note aussi le lien entre les arts numérique et les bio-arts avec les recherches par les artistes sur les formes de symbiose entre humaines et les autres formes de vie. Ce podcast est la suite d’un podcast sur la chaine Pionniers et Précurseurs et une Mémoire publiée dans la revue Leonardo.

Direct download: EdmondCouchotNo2.mp3
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How to make Collaboration Between Artists and Scientists Possible [ENG]

Art and Technology pioneer Dan Sandin discusses forty years of setting up projects which involve collaboration between artists and scientists. This is a follow up podcast to his podcast on the pioneers and pathbreakers channel where he discusses his involvement in the analog/digital transition and the video revolutions. He mentions a number of factors which in his experience have caused problems ( eg getting heavy investment from professional scientists because of promotion criteria not taking such work into account) or proved enabling such as artists working with engineering or science students. Sandin is collaborating on the production of the upcoming boom Art Science Collaborations: A Practical Guide for Computer Graphics and Visualization (by CRC Press).

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We need Smart Citizens not Smart Cities [ENG]

Stephen Kovats describes citizen data and journalism initiatives that engage social and political processes such as in South Sudan, a project in Tanzania with farming groups, but also discusses new collaborative and participative science projects. Roger Malina discusses his open observatory manifesto. Kovats argues that we need to focus on emabling smart citizen initiatives rather than focusing on the top down smart city design processes.

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Dhameen Ansari and "Funding Successful" Crowdfunding Company

Dhameen Ansari, is founder of "Funding Successful" company in Chennai, India. He and Creative Disturbance founder Roger Malina discuss the successful crowdfunding campaign which raised $22,000 for grants to students internationally for Creative Disturbance to crowdsource podcasts. Creative Disturbance retained the services of "Funding Successful" to help on social media mobilisation.

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Design Science, Creative Process and the CI2 Lab with Raphael Deluzio

In this podcast, Raphael Deluzio discusses the research he is conducting at the CI2 Lab, at the University of Southern Maine, which focuses on Design Science and Creative Intelligence.

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Steigler on Enabling the Improbable

Steigler and Tron discuss the idea of improbable events, the singular un-calculable event. In our society the singular is being converter into the particular ( algorithms that predict user behavior based on their profiles in a given system have no interest in the individual as a whole). The digital economy depends on predictable, calculable, behaviors of users. Big Data approaches rely on analytic approaches which are incapable of creating truths that depend on intuition built on individual experience- understanding and reason cannot be conflated. This requires 'de-automating' the processes, and creating negentropy by injecting effort through an Art of Hypercontrol. This creates a quasi-causality (Deleuze) by breaking the causal chain. Stiegler speculates on the coming transformation of the economy as extended automatisation eliminates systematically classic employment. The Art of Hypercontrol seeks to establish an ecology of the improbable.

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Stiegler on the Need to Develop "Cooperatives of Disciplines"

Bernard Stiegler and Colette Tron expand on the ideas of the development of an art of hypercontrol, where artists could develop systems of 'retro-action' on the whole earth system to avoid the disasters of the anthropocene. The art of hypercontrol is a political question, which reflects on the technological condition and converts concern into action. Steigler expands on Deleuze's ideas of converting the wound into a remedy. All technologies are inherently both solutions and causes of problems. Stiegler and Tron discuss their the idea of developing 'coops of disciplines" to invent new instruments of cooperation for an economy of negentropie. Steigler refers to his MOOC system .

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Frank Malina and the Cultural Appropriation of Science and Technology

Art Historian Fabrice Lapelletrie and Artist and Curator Ewen Chardronnet discuss Frank Malina's art philosophy and how artists must appropriate the scientific landscapes and technologies of their time to create truly contemporary art forms. Chardronnet discusses his interest in artistic experimentation in the context of space exploration. He details his mounting of an exhibition around the work of Theremin and other engineers in Russia who created the first sound and image synthesisers as exemple of this movement before the war, and how the work of Frank Malina as an artist and engineers ties to this tradition. They discuss the artists who have filed patents as part of a long art and technology tradition.

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Bernard Stiegler on Art for the Society of Hyper Control

(In french) French philosopher Bernard Stiegler and art critic Colette Tron discuss the emergence of a society of hypercontrol as an evolution from Deleuze's development of the society of control and Foucault's concept of the society of surveillance. New algorithms using user profiling anticipate user needs and actions and thus channel their behavior in the desired directions of the internet companies.He draws on Chris Anderson that language translation algorithms no longer draws for instance on the expertise of linguists but just on pattern recognition ( the end of theory). Stiegler speculates as to whether in the anthropocene era the conditions can be created so that groups of internauts can develop an 'art of hypercontrol' and an economy of negative entropy to counteract climate change and other impacts.

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Frank Malina and His Circle (with Chardronnet and Lapelletrie)

Artist and Curator Ewen Chardronnet discusses with art historian Fabrice Lapelletrie their ongoing research around Frank Malina and his circles of friends and collaborators both in Pasadena around the work of the 'suicide club" headed by Malina with Jack Parsons, Ed Foreman. Hu Hse Tsien whose work led to the first successful American high altitude rockets, the founding of NASA JPL and Aerojet Gen Corporation. Malina then became known as a pioneer of kinetic art in Paris in the 1950s and 60s. Chardronnet discusses his ongoing research which has included visiting many of the foundational sites of American rocketry. Lapelletrie discusses the context of the birth of kinetic art in Paris in the 195os.

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Arts Activities of Successful Scientists

Robert Root-Bernstein discusses (with astronomer and editor Roger Malina) how successful scientist and engineers (Nobel Prize winners, Academy members) partake in arts avocations as part of their creative research practice. His studies find that successful scientists and engineers engage in the arts far more than less successful ones. He also describes the habits of creative people as detailed in his book, Sparks of Genius.

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Water is in the Air

Our contributors discuss their work in the arts and sciences as showcased in the new article collection, "Water Is in the Air: Physics, Politics, and Poetics of Water in the Arts". "Water Is in the Air" explores the ways that artists, from all over the world, working at the cutting edge of science and engineering, create work that addresses critical issues of water in culture and society.

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The Sublime in Art and Science

Listen as our contributors discuss the connections between science and the arts, especially where the sublime--the unknowable, the incomprehensible-- fits within these fields. Featuring Michael Punt, Sundar Sarukkai, Martyn Woodward, and Roger Malina.

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Art and Atoms

Our contributors explore the connections between the sciences and art with a specific focus on chemistry, and discuss how materials traditionally identified with science can be used to create unique pieces of art.

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Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks

Maximilian Schich, Isabel Meirelles, and Roger Malina discuss the contents and creation of the new article collection, Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks, which explores the application of the science of complex networks to art history, archeology, visual arts, the art market, and other areas of cultural importance.

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Leonardo Music Journal Anniversary

Nicolas Collins, editor of Leonardo Music Journal and Chair of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, answers questions about the 20th anniversary issue of LMJ. In this podcast, Collins explains how he chose the issue's theme of "improvisation" and shares his insights regarding the process of putting the issue together, as well as about how improvisation and composition have evolved during his tenure as editor of LMJ.

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