Creative Disturbance
Simply Successful Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding expert David Marlett and new media/crowdfunding attorney Michael Melfi talk about the current world of crowdfunding, with a particular look at equity crowdfunding and the new portal FUNDERBUILT.

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Arts Activities of Successful Scientists

Robert Root-Bernstein discusses (with astronomer and editor Roger Malina) how successful scientist and engineers (Nobel Prize winners, Academy members) partake in arts avocations as part of their creative research practice. His studies find that successful scientists and engineers engage in the arts far more than less successful ones. He also describes the habits of creative people as detailed in his book, Sparks of Genius.

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Water is in the Air

Our contributors discuss their work in the arts and sciences as showcased in the new article collection, "Water Is in the Air: Physics, Politics, and Poetics of Water in the Arts". "Water Is in the Air" explores the ways that artists, from all over the world, working at the cutting edge of science and engineering, create work that addresses critical issues of water in culture and society.

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The Sublime in Art and Science

Listen as our contributors discuss the connections between science and the arts, especially where the sublime--the unknowable, the incomprehensible-- fits within these fields. Featuring Michael Punt, Sundar Sarukkai, Martyn Woodward, and Roger Malina.

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Art and Atoms

Our contributors explore the connections between the sciences and art with a specific focus on chemistry, and discuss how materials traditionally identified with science can be used to create unique pieces of art.

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Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks

Maximilian Schich, Isabel Meirelles, and Roger Malina discuss the contents and creation of the new article collection, Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks, which explores the application of the science of complex networks to art history, archeology, visual arts, the art market, and other areas of cultural importance.

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Leonardo Music Journal Anniversary

Nicolas Collins, editor of Leonardo Music Journal and Chair of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, answers questions about the 20th anniversary issue of LMJ. In this podcast, Collins explains how he chose the issue's theme of "improvisation" and shares his insights regarding the process of putting the issue together, as well as about how improvisation and composition have evolved during his tenure as editor of LMJ.

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Here Come Immersive Movies

Author and filmmaker David Marlett meets with immersive media artist and researcher Michael Naimark to discuss the emergence of immersive cinema, its expected challenges, and new storytelling opportunities.

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