Creative Disturbance
Émoticônes et Diversité Culturelle [FR]

Kofi Sika Latzoo est directeur artistique des studios Efixx à Dakar, leader du chapitre sénégalais auprès de l’IGDA (International Game Developers Association), responsable du programme d'innovation de la NASA au Senegal (Space Up challenge) et co-fondateur, avec Bacely Yorobi, du Game Camp qui a pour ambition de créer un écosysteme favorable à l’émergence d’industries logicielles ludiques sur le contnent africain. Il est surtout question dans ce podcast de l’implémentation d’émoticônes africains sur la plateforme sociale Line et du développement des cultures électroniques en Afrique.

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Dallas Art, Community, and Philanthropy [ENG]

In this podcast Maryam Obaidullah Baig and Chirag Gupta discuss Dallas' ever growing art community. The expanding and amazing art community in Dallas has lead to incredible philanthropy innovations and together the Dallas' community has been pushed and improved.

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Annie Willis, Student, Long Island City High School, and Youth Leader, Global Kids [ENG]

Annie Willis is from the outskirts of New York City—the Rockaways, a neighborhood on the Atlantic Ocean. When this interview was recorded, she was a senior in high school, and for the last two years had been a part of Global Kids, a NYC and DC-based nonprofit helping underserved youth achieve leadership in their communities and beyond. She wanted to talk about where she was from, and what led her to become a climate activist.

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Shino Tanikawa, NY Soil & Water Conservation District w/Majora Carter, Majora Carter Group [ENG]

Shino Tanikawa and Majora Carter have been friends for a long time. Majora is an urban revitalization strategy consultant, real estate developer, and Peabody Award winning broadcaster. She is responsible for the creation & successful implementation of numerous green-infrastructure projects, policies, and job training & placement systems. Shino promotes green infrastructure and soil and water quality education, research and policy, while heading up the New York Soil and Water Conservation District. They're both committed to environmental wellbeing and community development, but when they recorded this conversation, they wanted to talk about the connections between climate, race and privilege. Shino begins the conversation...

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مجسمه ی صدا: واریاسیون شماره ی ۲۳ بر روی تمی از هری برتویا [FA] / Sound Sculpture: Variation No. 23 on theme by Harry Bertoia [ENG]

As a sound artist, Vedad FamourZadeh is exploring the integration of sound art and electronic music with different soundscapes and diverse musical traditions of Iran. He strives for rekindling intrigue for the details that define a place, on listening closely to minutiae of everyday sonic. He is especially interested in interactive pieces that can generate a polyphonic textural ambient sound. This tension of a hybrid identity, recontextualizing sonic materials from their native tradition to a modernistic setting is at the core of his pieces and he tries to bring forth an immediate experience through which the audience reexamine their conception of music as well as their sonic environment. He has recently turned his focus towards the sound as art-object especially in sculptural pieces.

Creative Technology and Soft Power [ENG]

What role that art and culture can play in Africa ? This is a question that artist designer and curator Pierre Christophe Gam addresses in this podcast from his recent participation to an international symposium on creativity and economical growth in Abidjan, which also touched upon issues of cultural diplomacy and soft power.

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Making Africa, Afropolis and the African Renaissance [ENG]

A conversation on African Renaissance, through the Afro-Polis and Making Africa exhibitions that London based polymath artist and cultural entrepreneur Pierre-Christophe Gam conceived and helped curated with the ambition to tour in Europe and Africa.

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Improbable Sound [ENG]

In this podcast Roger Malina, Ruth West, and Corey Smart discuss the past, present, and future of virtual reality implementation. We also discuss the uses of sound within old and new technology.

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After Fakugesi. The Post-African Futures Labs [ENG]

Together with Tegan Bristow and Jepchumba, two leading figures in the African digital scene and co-founders (with Christo Doherty) of the now iconic Fakugesi festival, we share ideas about emerging trends of digital culture and their ongoing collaboration project with the Post-African Future Africa labs. “Add the power”.

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Aria Doe, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Action Center for Education and Community Development [ENG]

Aria Doe and her husband started the Action Center for Education and Community Development to serve the community in Far Rockaway, Queens, a community of New York Citiy, where many of the residents live at 200% below the poverty line. Aria remembers the desperation and light that came from her community when hurricane Sandy struck.

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An Investigation of the Black Family Through Fiction [ENG]

2015 Pushcart Prize recipient, Latoya Watkins joins Poe to discuss her short story, "The Mother," as well as the trials and tribulations associated with both thinking about the black family as a concept.

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Remixing Music, Data, and Ideas [ENG]

In this podcast Corey Smart and Roger Malina discuss remixing in its different forms. From data remixing to different methods of music remixing, as well as the ways of viewing/analyzing data.

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Kickstarting New Characters and different Endings for a Novel [ENG]

Carlos Harleaux ( discusses with Roger Malina his work as an online poet who succesfully crowdfunded via kickstarter his latest novel "Fortune Cookie"; kickstarter donors above a giving level can be a character in the book, or each get a different version of the novel ending. Harleaux and also his resource site for online and digital writers called Indiblock.

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Pioneer Judy Malloy Thinks Aloud about her Role in the Birth of Electronic Literature [ENG]

Art and Technology pioneer Judy Malloy discusses with Roger Malina her work beginning in the mid 1970's when -- inspired by her work on early library databases in the 1960's -- she began to introduce card catalogs into her writing practice as a precursor to hypertext concepts, and then about her use of computers to create electronic literature, beginning in 1986 with "Uncle Roger".

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Cognitive Innovation through Embodied Cognition and Somatics; Fascia as a Sense Organ [ENG]

Diego Maranan discusses with Roger Malina how the body shapes the mind, with for example current research on fascia, or the soft tissue, which seems to be one of the largest sense organs we have. He discusses techniques to become more aware of one's own bodily structure. As a dancer he is also becoming trained in feldenkrais techniques. He discusses how this work will contribute to his PhD thesis in the Cognovo Program

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