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Modern Art's Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina, Part 3

Bronac Ferran and Reg Gadney discuss the latter's decision to first begin writing about kinetic art, the cross-pollination of art influences during the 1950s and 1960s, and kinetic art's (and Frank Malina's) critical and economic status among the visual and literary arts.

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Modern Art's Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina, Part 2

Reg Gadney continues his conversation with Fabrice Lapelletrie, specifically addressing his personal insights into Frank Malina's artistic method, work ethic, and legacy in the context of 21st century collaborations between the arts and technology.

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Modern Art's Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina, Part 1

Fabrice Lapelletrie speaks with artist and writer Reg Gadney about his introduction to engineer/artist Frank Malina, his relationships with Malina and famed Hungarian artist Nicolas Schöffer, and his opinions on artistic criticism.

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Generative Art and Virtual Reality podcast w/ Ryan McMahan

UT Dallas Computer Science faculty members Ryan McMahan, Paul Fishwick, and Kang Zhang discuss advancements in and uses of generative art and virtual reality.

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The Intertwining Constructions of Blackness

Edleeca Thompson and Poe Johnson explore how art and science construct the embodiment of the Black image through the lens of history, art, sports, and film.

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El Futuro de las Prótesis Robóticas/ The Future of Robotic Prostheses

En este podcast hablamos de la historia de las protesis y cómo su tecnología ha evolucionado a través del tiempo. Nombramos algunas desventajas de las tecnologías usadas actualmente para ayudar a las personas con amputaciones recuperar su movilidad. Tambien discutimos cómo los nuevos avances tecnológicos en el área de robots bípedos han revolucionado el diseño y control de piernas prostéticas robóticas.

Researchers Dario Villarreal and Manuel de Anda Villa briefly introduce the story of the prosthesis and detail  the ways in which prostheses have evolved through time. Along with listing the disadvantages in today's current prosthetic technologies oriented towards helping amputees recover their mobility, Villarreal and de Anda Villa also describe how current technological advances in the field of biped robotics have improved the design and control of robotic prosthetic legs.

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Perspectives on Games for Change

UT Dallas MFA student Peter Wonica and MA student Richard Wirth meet to discuss the topic and movement known as "Games for Change", in light of their recent participation in the Meaningful Play conference.

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