Creative Disturbance
Crushing Conventions: Nomad Evolution [ENG]

Urvi Bhandari, Partner and Chief Connections Officer for Crush Industries, discusses the new forms of professional nomadism emerging. She discusses how the JUNE project is seeking to address the professional needs of retired elders, but also ideas for floating cities and other new social organisations that will emerge over the coming century given the changing demographics, professional career paths and the needs of personal life styles. The discussion is with Roger Malina.

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Scales of Life - in Art [ENG]

Extending our discussion on biolabor to the field of synthetic biology, Ionat Zurr addresses the application of engineering principles to life. She also reflects upon her role as both an artist and researcher that makes use of technology to create symbolic gestures. The episode ends with comments on the scalability of the living and the links between biological and conceptual arts.

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Anahtar Sözcükler'e başlarken [TR]

Anahtar Sözcükler'in ilk programı, serinin genel çerçevesi ve ilerleyen yayınlarda ele alınacak konuların zeminine hakkında. Anahtar Sözcükler ekibinden Altuğ Akın, Hasan Cenk Dereli ve Sarphan Uzunoğlu seriye ve Anahtar Sözcükler'e yaklaşımlarını tartışıyorlar.

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The New Afronaut

In Christina de Middel's website, one can read the following: "In 1964 a Zambian science teacher named Edwuard Makuka decided to train the first African crew to travel to the moon. His plan was to use an aluminium rocket to put a woman, two cats and a missionary into Space". Unfortunately the project never came to fruition but the expression, coined by Makuka, has been adopted in space culture. This podcast is an interview of Mandla Maseko, the first black African to travel into space, by Yvan Tina and Roger Malina. 

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A 9 Year Old Dreams of Space

Nine year old Jack T. Robertson shares his dreams of traveling into space... to the outer planets and beyond. in a video produced by Michael Ricciardi. For this Yuri's Night podcast, Michael Ricciardi recollect memories of his experiences with space, art, and how it has impacted his life in discussion with Roger Malina.

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[FA]نمایشنامه ی خانه/  Theatrical Performance “Home”

This podcast is a conversation with contemporary Iranian Director Kiamoars Moradi regarding his recent theatrical performance “Home” here in Dallas, Texas. As a professional theater director, Kiomars Moradi deploys the magical realism genre in which magical elements blend with well-known contemporary issues of Iran to allow a deeper understanding of the complex realities of the Iranian society, a society caught between modernity, tradition and revolutionary values. The magical realism genre is also an effective tool for Moradi to overcome and dodge Iran’s state-censorship through a more politically subtle genre. Kiomars Moradi’s Home narrates current social tensions, cultural cleavages and economic difficulties of the Iranian society through the story of a middle class family in the capital city of Tehran. Home displays a striking and vivid depiction of how family bonds in the Iranian society have been deeply influenced and harmed by a prevalent cultural, ideological and religious gap between two generations of Iranian parents and children. The parents belong to Iran’s 1979 revolutionary-era followed immediately by the eight year 1980 Iran-Iraq War, and the kids are the current generation of Iranians born after these turbulent times of ideology and warfare propaganda.

When Do Scientists Get Time to Think? [ENG]

In this podcast Roger Malina talks with David McPhail about his work and research. David McPhail's work focuses on material analysis and experimentation on that material with its environment.  Also discussed is difficulties and powers of the many different collaborations that occur within this field of research.

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