Creative Disturbance (Femgineers)

Christa Sadeghian and Roger Malina discuss about work environments for STEM women and Christa's experiences in the Co-working Place.

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Eun Ah Lee and Dr. Ann Majewicz talk about Dr. Majewiczs HeRo (Human-Enabled Robotic Technology) Lab.

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A New Way of Thinking in Engineering [ENG]

Dr. Matt Brown and Dr. Fatemeh Hassanipour talk about engineering in a new perspective.

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Every "Femgineer" has a Story [ENG]

Dr. Matthew Brown, Dr. Heather Hayenga, and Eun Ah Lee talk about Femgineers.

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A Place for Women Engineers [ENG]

Eun Ah Lee and Roger Malina talk about how interesting and, at the same time, how terrifying it could be to make the first step to do something new. Starting a new channel "Femgineers" is such a step to build a place for women engineers.

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