Creative Disturbance
Sugar Remixing

In this podcast Hal Clark and Corey Smart discuss their different approaches to remixing the popular song Sugar by Maroon 5.

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Pioneer Dan Sandin 40 Year Look Back at the Analog to Digital, and Video Revolutions [ENG]

Art and Technology Pioneer Dan Sandin discusses with Roger Malina a 4O year look back at the analog to digital transition, and what it facilitated and what it made more difficult, he goes on to discuss how digital performance is re investing the analog today. Sandin also discusses living through the social appropriation of video technologies in the 70s and 80s and compares it to the internet transition in the 90s.

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Looking Behind and to the Future with Susan Eriksson [ENG]

In light of World Youth Skills Day, producer of the Art & Earth Science channel, Susan Eriksson, shares her wisdom and passion for geology and pivotal moments in her life that has affected her career even to this day.

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The Trek to One’s Dream Job [ENG]

Kyle Kondas sits down with Nathan Ortega to talk wanting to work in the industry. After so many years working in the world of game retail, recording podcasts and writing reviews for indie games, Nathan finally landed his dream job. 

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Indie Game Nation Bumper: 8-bit Sounds [ENG]

Corey Smart and Hal Clark discuss the new Indie Game Nation bumper, video games, and sound.

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Contre le Post-Humanisme et Vers la Co-evolution de Forms de Vies Numerique et Organique [FR]

Contre le post-humanisme et vers la co-evolution de forms de vies numerique et organique.

Edmond Couchot, pionnier français des arts numérique, discute en français avec Roger Malina, ses idees developper sur 40 ans sur les nouvelles connections entre les arts numerique et les arts vivant et arts de la scene, En particulier il argumente que le mouvement n’est pas plutôt une co-existence et co evolutions de formes de vies differentes. Ce podcast reprend des idees developer dans son Mémoire publier dans la Revue Leonardo et discuter aussi dans un deuxieme podcast sur la chaine New Leonardos

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Jana Winderen - Sound as a X-Ray of Nature [ENG]

Jana Winderen is a sound artist working mainly in water environments (rivers, seas, oceans). The sound recorded from these living elements raises issues about what it reveals on nature. The artist questions where the sounds come from, notably in wild places that are not readily accessible, recording mostly unknown (unheard, unperceivable) sounds. The artist's process is based on biological information that she transforms into a composition, proposing a listening experience of sounds extracted from nature.

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Mayye Zayed  مي زايد، وهي مرأة صانعة آفلام  مستقلة ومخرجة في الإسكندرية [AR]

لقاء مع المخرجة المستقلة "مي زايد، محررة ومنتجة آفلام في الإسكندرية، مصر

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New Leonardos Bumper: Use of Water [ENG]

In this bumper Hal Clark talks with Corey Smart about his latest bumper for the New Leonardos podcast channel. Corey Smart used the idea of water to create both a opening and closing bumper.

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Open Culture in South Sudan [ENG]

Stephen Kovats describes the Open Culture Agency which works in Africa and in particular in South Sudan enabling open source strategies to empower local communities, access to public domain information.They have worked both with local state governments and citizen organisations such as the KVA Kapital Virtual Academy organised by local medical students .

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The Bold Roast Bumper: A Coffee Shop [ENG]

In this podcast Hal Clark talks to Corey Smart about his latest bumper for the Bold Roast podcast channel. This bumper has a morning coffee shop feel and we discuss how its made.

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08: Eco-Minimalist Composer Wendy Reid [ENG]

Wendy Reid has been working for over 30 years on her unique body of “Tree Pieces”, chamber compositions for various ensembles which define a music based on natural processes. Along the way, she works with birds whom she regards as authentic musical collaborators.

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Jacques Mandelbrojt se Rappel a Voix Haute

Jacques Mandelbrojt est physicien a la retraite de l"Universite de Aix Marseille mais a eu toute sa vie une d'artiste professionel. Il explique sa decouverte personnelle sur les ressemblances entre son processus creatif en art et en science. Il relies les idees de Piaget, ou Cezanne disait "comment mes yeux pensent' et Piaget parles des analogies entre pensee et vision qui sont inseparable. Il cite Cezanne qui parlait de relier ":les epaules d;une femme a la forme des montagnes". Il discutent sont travail reliant la creation visuelle et la creation artistique.

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We need Smart Citizens not Smart Cities [ENG]

Stephen Kovats describes citizen data and journalism initiatives that engage social and political processes such as in South Sudan, a project in Tanzania with farming groups, but also discusses new collaborative and participative science projects. Roger Malina discusses his open observatory manifesto. Kovats argues that we need to focus on emabling smart citizen initiatives rather than focusing on the top down smart city design processes.

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Jacques Mandelbrojt : Leçons de Liberté [FR]

Jacques Mandelbrojt est physicien a la retraite de l’Université de Aix Marseille mais a eu toute sa vie une d'artiste professionnel.   Il commence avec l’idée de Jacques Monod que son processus n’étais pas verbal mais visuel et musculaire, ou Monod disait qu'il arrivait a s'identifier avec une molécule. Il discuter son long parcours entre les arts et les sciences, dont la création d'un département d'art a l"université de Marseille, en tant que physicien dans les années 70. Il parlent des difficultés de mise en oeuvre d'enseignement art-science deja il y a 50 ans , rencontrant les mêmes
obstacles qu'aujourd’hui. Discussion entre Jacques Mandelbrojt et Roger

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The Extraordinary World of Two Bit Circus

We discuss Two Bit Circus, one of the most innovative and creative VR and live-action production companies around. In addition, we discuss the state of VR, and estimate its future.

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タイトル "DNA-RNAキメラリピッドから考える生命起源" (3/3) [JA]

生命起源仮説として圧倒的な支持を得ている RNA ワールドであるが、果たして本当に RNA ワールドは実際にこの世界で成り立ちうる可能性があるのだろうか?「生命とは何か?」 から RNA ワールドを考え、我々の実験成果である DNA-RNA キメラリピッドの構造体形成 に関して、意義をディスカッションした。

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Natural Technology: A Phytocentric Perspective (2/2) [ENG]

Lindsey French shares ideas about three of her latest works: “Phytovision”, a body of work that invites the viewer to adopt a phytocentric perspective; “Written by Trees”, a series of poetry and literature written by oak tree; “Packet Switchgrass”, a speculative work that involves switchgrass and aim to merge plant internet with the human internet. 

Music from "Phytovision (Road Trip!)", © 2012, Lindsey French, All Rights Reserved.

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The Ramifications of Toxic Masculinity: Rape Culture and Prisons

In this podcast, Poe Johnson interviews Dr. Mark Tschaepe on how the larger culture's lack of empathy towards people in jail leads to a toxic masculinity that allows for rape, homophobia, and transphobia to run unchecked within prisons.

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