Creative Disturbance
Low-Tech for Local Relevances

As founding member of The Trinity Session, along with Stephen Hobbes, Marcus Neustetter has been involved in several artistic projects in the Southern African region. This podcast presents a brief overview of his work and the local approach he promotes through the use of low technology.

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Gréaud, L'irrésolu

Dans un article annonçant la venue de "The Unplayed Notes Museum" au Dallas Contemporary, Frank Dufour préfigurait ce qu'il faut bien aujourd'hui convenir d'appeler "l'effet Gréaud" (article publié dans la revue Patron). Dans ce podcast, l'artiste nous entretient sur le concept d'irrésolution qui nourrit sa démarche et ses futurs projets.

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Hasard et Nécessité dans le Design Engineering

Roger Malina et Perrine Mathieu s'entretiennent à propos de leurs expériences respectives dans les domaines de l'aérospatiale et de l'aéronautique; histoire de revenir aussi, en ce mois de la femme sur CD, sur la possibilité d'un art de la collaboration.

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The Emerging and Disappearing Networks of The Trinity Session with Marcus Neustetter

Directed by Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter, The Trinity Session is a contemporary art production team defined by exchanges with their home-city Johannesburg, in relation to Africa and similar developed / developing contexts. Key activities include: temporary interventions and performances, in addition to producing and curating large scale public art programmes.

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VR IMMERSION: Where We're Headed

David Marlett interviews Dr. Oliver Kreylos (U.C. Davis) about Dr. Kreylos' work in VR including Dr. Kreylos's special interest in immersive data visualization, new hardware devices for VR capture and distribution, and 3D full image capture, and the new VR Lab at UC Davis.

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Personalized Learning using Modeling with Karen Doore and Sharon Hewitt

Maybe one size does not fit all in learning complex topics in mathematics and the other STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) areas. What if it were possible to personalize
learning by allowing students to learn a complex topic (such as integration found in calculus)
using multiple model representations, including some that are devised and created by the

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Cellphonia: A Historical Perspective

Steve Bull and channel producer Scot Gresham-Lancaster meet online to look back over the early days of putting the cellphonia project together. This is just the first of several interviews that will cover the background of the technical and aesthetic challenges that make up this new audio art form, the cellphone opera.

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Mike Winters - Sonification of Emotion

To quote Mike Winters from the "Project Description" of his Masters Thesis "Strategies for Continuous Auditory Display of Arousal and Valence" in which he states "Sound is capable of profound emotional experiences: one need look no further than the importance of music in film. Sonification is field of research interested in the use of sound to convey information in general, but what happens when the data is emotion?" This discussion scratches the surface of this research and starts the dialog regarding the fuzzy intersection of Art and Science that is presented when researching the techniques associated with affective computing when using data to drive emotional content systematically.

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Design Science, Creative Process and the CI2 Lab with Raphael Deluzio

In this podcast, Raphael Deluzio discusses the research he is conducting at the CI2 Lab, at the University of Southern Maine, which focuses on Design Science and Creative Intelligence.

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Roots of Curiosity Conference: Symbiosis of Art and Science

In this podcast, Patricia Correia and her colleagues, Sam Viana and Ana Rita Fonseca, discuss the Roots of Curiousity Project; from concept to development.

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Roots of Curiosity Conference (Portuguese)

Neste podcast, Patrícia Correia e seus colegas, Sam Viana e Ana Rita Fonseca, discutem o Projecto Raízes da Curiosidade, desde sua conceptualização ao seu desenvolvimento.

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Some Thoughts on Sonification

Pauline Oliveros and host Scot Gresham-Lancaster have collaborated on many projects over the years and in this podcast they talk over some of that work with a focus on the pieces at the Art/Science boundary. The Deep Listening Art/Science Conference comes up as well as the interesting "moon bounce" pieces, "Echoes from the Moon"

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Performance Art and Research with Jillian Round

In this podcast, UTD student Corey Smart talks with his professor Dr. Jillian Round about performance art, research, and how the internet has effected them with over saturation.

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Birds of Change

In this podcast, UTD students Nil Arsala and Josephine Porter briefly discuss the women they feel strongly embrace their own independence and help pave the pathway for other women to expand past societal limitations.

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Florian Grond and Listening Mode Centered Sonification

Here is an extended conversation regarding a broad range of topics relative to sonification including the types and definitions of listening relative to sonification practices as well as a discussion of the blurry space between sound art practice and functional scientific purpose with sonification. Notes on pointers to some of Dr. Grond's work here:


This audio visual installation was commissioned for the exhibition The Islands of Benoît Mandelbrot Fractals, Chaos, and the Materiality of Thinking. This work reflects on the role of drawing in nonlinear science—connecting performativity, space, and creative thought processes. It investigates at the same time questions of the representation of dynamical systems as differential equations. In this video you canhear the sounds of drawing being made with a pencil. The varying speeds and pressures that characterize this kind of sound are manipulated via filters, playback speeds, and sound effects based on the lines produced by certain nonlinear equations. Synchronized to these sounds are visual representations of the equations, which change their shades according to the actual state of the selected dynamical system. Listening to the intimate sonic experience and watching the visually changing formula allows one to connect with the dynamical properties of the systems. 


Safety Certificate is a musical performance based on axle box sensor data from high-speed trains. The original purpose of this data is to provide a basis for the assessments of the mechanical aspects of train safety durimng the homologation process. In this performance, the data, which represents dynamical processes in the sub frequent domain and below the audible range, are converted into sound through audification. The sound that is generated live during the performance is manipulated through the Manta control interface, which allows for the convenient layering of 48 different timbres. Safety Certificate was premiered at Seconde Nature in Aix-en-Provence in March 2010 during the Sonification symposium – What Where How Why, organized by Locus Sonus . On the left you will hear excerpts of a the recording from a performance for 8 channels in a stereo downmix.

Special thanks to Fabian Schmid from PJM for the data and Till Bovermann for Manta instructions. I used Alberto DeCampo's SuperCollider class as software interface to the Manta.


Delay together with Mary Sherman:

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The Overlap Between Humanists and Scientists

Charissa Terranova talks to Sean B Carroll about overlaps in practices between humanists and scientists and his book Brave Genius, focusing on Albert Camus and Jacques Monod.

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Future of Mobile Gaming at the IMGA

An interview with Maarten Noyons where we discuss future trends and innovations in mobile games.

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Lets Play:  Curating Video Game Griticism on Critical Distance

Although "Let’s Plays" have been around and popular for at least half a decade, little critical study exists on them not only in terms of their existence as a medium, but also in terms of the publishing potential the medium offers. Jon Ippolito and Lindsey Joyce discuss these new forms of criticism of video games which are published on the site Critical Distance ( for which Joyce is a curator.

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