Creative Disturbance
Janeil Engelstad talks with artist Matej Vakula about applying artistic thinking and photography to advance cancer treatment, as well his work around the politicization and privatization of public space.
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Janeil Engelstad talks with artist and urban planner Sarah Kavage about her collaborative project Duwamish Revealed, as well as creative engagement with Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest and industry’s impact on their ancestral home.
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Scot Gresham-Lancaster meets with colleague Bert Barten to touch bases on a decade-long project called Talking Trees. The project studies the ability of 'mother trees' communicating with their forests through chemical reactions in mycelium. 

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Scot Lancaster and Greg Kramer discuss the field of sonification--the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data. This conversation deals with its origins and possible uses in the future.

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Defining himself as a curator interested in transgenre aesthetics and art and technology, art curator Jens Hauser engages a discussion with Danielle Aviles, student in biology; on the relationships between art and science. He defines what ‘Wetware’ - the title of the exhibition he curated with David Familian (2016) - is, as an extrapolation of softwares and hardwares, a convergence between technologies, or an evolution of mixed-media. With the rise of synthetic biology, the aim is to apply engineering principles to the biological realm and create aliveness from scratch. Do art and science deal with the same medium?

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