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Describing Egypt: Virtual Reality of Ancient Egypt [AR]

This podcast features Salma ElDardiry, Senior motion graphic artist and digital composter at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In 2013, ElDardiry launched her project, Describing Egypt, which exhibits historical Egypt in virtual reality tours. The locations selected documents Egypt's Pharaonic, Islamic, Coptic and Jewish heritage. ElDardiry is also a freelance colorist, animator, musician and a photographer.

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Ideas for Breakfast: Virtual Reality Geological Studio

Brian Burnham just received his PhD in Geology from the University of Manchester. He discusses the field of sequence stratigrahy, a field crucial for understanding the changes of sea level in the past and interpreting current climate change sea level change. With Roger Malina he discusses transdisciplinary collaboration between the geosciences, computer sciences and art and technology.

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Other Planes 03: Black Cosplay at Emerald City ComiCon

Reporting live from Emerald City ComiCon 2016, Other Planes talks with black cosplayers about identity, race, and gender in cosplay, comix, and action films, speaking with incarnations of the Black Panther, Future Static Shock, Green Lantern, Trunks, Sardonyx, a Vodou Joker and a Ghostbuster.

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Dr. Paul Vickers - Sonification, Ethical Computing and Standup Comedy [ENG]

A short discussion with Dr. Vickers about his approach to sonification including some discussion of his recent standup routine regarding sonification as its main topic. 

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M.A.P Radio Hour [ENG]

In this podcast Janeil Engelstad and Yvan Tina discuss their projects "Make Art with Purpose" and "Virtual Africa". They talk about the common threads and possible collaboration between these incredible projects. Also discussed is art, technology, and the advancements these have created in educational options.

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Art, Science and Open Electromagnetic Spectrum Culture

Sharath Chandram Ram describes his work in art, design and open science, and internet culture, He maintains a lab on internet and society at the Srishthi School for Art and Design in Bangalore, India. He describes his workshop in open radio astronomy that he held at the Explorapark in Medellin, Colombia and his work with indian fishing communities embroiled in ownership of the electromagnetic spectrum debates, In dialogue with Roger Malina.

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We are Wild Poetry: Hubris, De-Extinction and Speculative Art [ENG]

In this final section of the interview, Adam Zaretsky shares his views on the relationship between literature and biology, code and language, poetry and bioinformatics. He addresses the question of hubris in biotechnology and delivers his take on sensitive issues such as human gene editing and resurrection biology. The podcast also talks about the place of speculative thought in new media art.

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