Creative Disturbance

Luciano Queiroz (@lucianocupim) e João Silveira (@johngaucho) recebem Awdry Miquelin para conversar sobre sua carreira na física, a influência da arte em sua vida e a importância da arteciência no Frankenstein.

Luciano Queiroz (@lucianocupim ) and João Silveira  (@ johngaucho ) receive Awdry Miquelin to talk about his career in physics, the influence of art on his life and the importance of art-science in Frankenstein. 

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Photography historian Abigail Solomon-Godeau speaks on a wide range of topics, from the psychology of power and desire as the two relate to photography, to consent in present-day street photography, to the use of photography as propaganda. 

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Please join Camilla Pang and Yvan Tina on this second part of the interview which talks about the relationships between art and science as ways to communicate points of view and understanding. What can the experience of Synaesthesia and Asperger's syndrome, for example, tell us about the nature of information and processing? Do art and science share the same goals with regards to society? Or are these complementary? Camilla Pang addresses some of these questions and shares some personal exemplars of how one can blend  art and science in everyday thinking.

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A conversation on sonification and electroacoustics between Scot Gresham-Lancaster and Roger Dean, British-Australian musician, academic, biochemist and cognitive scientist. 

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Join Ben Lima for a conversation with Stephen Asma, a Professor of Philosophy at Columbia College Chicago, where he is also Senior Fellow of the Research Group in Mind, Science and Culture. Asma is the author of ten books, including The Evolution of Imagination (University of Chicago Press, 2017), The Evolution of Mind: Affective Roots of Culture and Cognition with Rami Gabriel (Harvard University Press, forthcoming), On Monsters: an Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears (Oxford University Press), and The Gods Drink Whiskey (HarperOne).

Recorded and edited by Oskar Olsson

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In this first episode, Camilla Pang and Yvan Tina discuss the relevance of bioinformatics in the life sciences. How it improves our understanding of DNA and provides multiple avenues for medical research and therapeutics but also how it challenges our representation of life. The podcast ends with a speculative reflection on gene editing and the possible evolution of consciousness.

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Join Ben Lima for a conversation with Sandra Russ, a distinguished University Professor and Louis D. Beaumont University Professor at Case Western Reserve University. Her research has focused on understanding how pretend play is involved in child development and in child psychotherapy. She is the author of Pretend Play in Childhood: The Foundation of Adult Creativity (2013), American Psychological Association.

Edited by Andrew Oh

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