Creative Disturbance (Cinemersia)
The Extraordinary World of Two Bit Circus

We discuss Two Bit Circus, one of the most innovative and creative VR and live-action production companies around. In addition, we discuss the state of VR, and estimate its future.

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VR Film Distribution: Looking Ahead

We discuss the work of Littlstar, and the future of distribution of VR content.

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VR Films: The Rise of the VR Distributor

David Marlett and Chadwick Turner, Head of Content Partnerships at VRIDEO, discuss the role of distributors/publishers in the exploding new industry of VR filmmaking. In addition, they discuss the future of the VR Cinema industry, the management of compression, bandwidth and many of the other challenges faced in VR distribution.

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VR Film: New Editorial Aesthetics

David Marlett and Daniel Gaucher (Emerson College, Dept. Visual/Media Arts) discuss the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the field of editing a live-action film made for an immersive, VR experience.

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VR IMMERSION: Where We're Headed

David Marlett interviews Dr. Oliver Kreylos (U.C. Davis) about Dr. Kreylos' work in VR including Dr. Kreylos's special interest in immersive data visualization, new hardware devices for VR capture and distribution, and 3D full image capture, and the new VR Lab at UC Davis.

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Here Come Immersive Movies

Author and filmmaker David Marlett meets with immersive media artist and researcher Michael Naimark to discuss the emergence of immersive cinema, its expected challenges, and new storytelling opportunities.

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