Creative Disturbance
ExPuCu Round Table [ENG]

Students from the Experimental Publishing and Curation graduate seminar discuss their current projects in publishing, which include an alternative to traditional academic publishing, an mobile app that encourages users to read in green spaces, a podcast focused on contemporary African art, and online publications about feminism and the environment. The issues covered in the discussion range from disruption to the role of technology and geography in the development of the projects.

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Güçlü bir demokrasi için yeni medyada doğrulama [TR]

Our conversation with independent journalist Mehmet Atakan Foça about his factchecking and verification experience in Turkey

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Other Planes 02: John Jennings, Graphic Novelist & Professor

John Jennings is an award-winning graphic novelist, curator, cartoonist, and Associate Professor of Art. John is currently illustrating the first graphic novel adaptation of Octavia Butler's seminal black science work on slavery and time travel, Kindred.

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Curie’s Children and the Biological Exuberance [ENG]

Why should artists and designers worry about the production of drugs and food? In this second part of the interview, bioartist Adam Zaretsky defends his views on the ethics and aesthetics of utility, with respect to local context, values and culture. Echoing with Flusser’s ideas in Curie’s Children [ Art Forum, 1988], the remaining part of the podcast deals with the topics of human enhancement and biological exuberance, Zaretsky calling for the advancement of a queer transhumanism.

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New Narratives of the Anthropocene or is it Chthulucene [ENG]

Ewen Chardronnet discusses the evolving myths and narratives about the anthropocene that he uncovered as he researched the special issue of the French MCD magazine Special Issue . He discusses the artists residencies he is organising at the Roskoff Marine Biology Station. He also refers to Harrraway's concept of the Chthulucene . In discussion with Roger Malina

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What's so Sexy with the Biological?

Adam Zaretsky is an artist and professor in Media Arts at Marist College (NY, USA) who develops a practice that integrates the fields of Ecology, Biotechnology, Performance and Gastronomy. Drawing upon the questions raised by one of his texts on transgenic art, the podcast addresses several issues such as the bioethics of new technology, that of genetic modification, the public understanding of science or even the appeal for biology in contemporary art. Is science making better performance than art? How far ranging human gene editing can get us to? What is so sexy with the biological today?

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Iletisim Aracı Olarak Mimarlık [TR]

H. Cenk Dereli, Boğaçhan Dündaralp ile bir iletişim aracı olarak konumlandırdığı mimarlık pratiği ve

İstanbul Kuzguncuk Bostanı'na dair sürece bu bağlamda nasıl dahil olduğu üzerine konuşuyor.

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Other Historiographies - Rethinking Time and History in Contemporary Performance from the Middle East [ENG]

Julia Schade, a PhD candidate from Frankfurt, discusses her research project that deals with the notion of time as applied to middle east - especially lebanese - theater and performance. How to re-present history and what is the role of digital media in the representation of time? How to deconstruct a thinking of history as archeo-teleological? These are some of the questions she addresses in this podcast.

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Layers of Innovation and Design [ENG]

In this podcast Azadeh Abrishami discusses design, innovation, and research with Roger Malina. Azadeh Abrishami talks about her new start-up company and the effective design work that it is creating. She also discusses her past with academia where she studied under Bob Fee in both industrial engineering, industrial design, and design management.

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SMU's Method to Build a Model for the Individual [ENG]

In this podcast James David Hart and Roger Malina discuss SMU's method of teaching/training students. By including an entrepreneurship aspect into the curriculum a student gains more knowledge and a wider view point about their art/product. When building the business model students are encouraged to build for a singular individual in mind. This will give the student a chance to see from the consumers point of view and allow for precise feedback.

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A New Way of Thinking in Engineering [ENG]

Dr. Matt Brown and Dr. Fatemeh Hassanipour talk about engineering in a new perspective.

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Other Planes 01: Ytasha Womack, Author, Filmmaker & Innovator

The first Other Planes podcast features Chicago-based author, filmmaker and innovator Ytasha Womack, author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and director of the black science fiction film Bar Star City.

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