Creative Disturbance
Halloween Comics 2016 [ENG]

Andy and Derek discuss this year's batch of Halloween specials and recent horror-themed comics.

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Art and its emancipatory dimensions/ [FA] هنر و ابعاد رهایی بخش آن

Gholamreza Jamshid Moradian is a renowned Iranian sculptor and an authority in wooden sculpture. He has participated in a vast variety of both national and international symposiums and biennales across the world. In 2008, he won the Excellence Award in an Olympic landscape sculpture contest in China.

In this conversation, Jamshid Moradian speaks with me about his ontological approach to art as a transcendental phenomenon, the necessity of art in today’s hectic modern life, the problem of consumerism in the realm of the arts, and touches upon why art should keep pace with the spirit of the age. Regarding the existential necessity of art in today’s conflict-driven world, Jamshid Moradin contends that art has a potential to shed light on catastrophic occurrences around us. Such illumination contributes to the interpretation of such tragic events through evoking and touching upon both the senses and the mental state of art’s audiences. Indeed, art has a capacity to cast doubt over society's cemented axiomatic principles grounded in historical biases that contribute to violence, and can influence the socially-constructed psychological domain of audiences, hence contributing to a deeper understanding of the world and sources of contention.

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Anniversary of the Art Center, Archives and Collections of Cuenca, Spain. (CAAC) and its origines. 

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NTU: The State of the Internet

Jepchumba in conversation with the NTU. NTU is an agency concerned with the spiritual futures of the Internet. Founded by tech healers Bogosi Sekhukhuni, Nolan Oswald Dennis and Tabita Rezaire, NTU seeks to enhance intersubjective virtual user possibilities. NTU provides decolonial therapies for the digital age.


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Reviews of Black Eye #3, Ancestor, and Frontier #13 [ENG]

This week Paul joins Derek to discuss Black Eye No. 3, edited by Ryan Standfest, as well as Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward's Ancestor and Richie Pope's Frontier #13

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This and That [ENG]
On this week’s episode, Shea Hennum and Derek Royal have a general discussion on topics such as self-published comics, the ins and outs of reviewing, communicating with publishers, and strategies for interviewing creators.


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Vis and Ramin Performance: Ancient Persian Love Story/ [FA] پرفورمنس ویس و رامین

This podcast is a conversation with Iranian conceptual artist and sculptor Ramin Etemadi-Bozorg regarding his performance titled “Vis and Ramin” in Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art. By referring to the ancient Persian love story of Vis and Ramin, Etemadi-Bozorg intends to contemporize a mythical-romantic narrative about passionate love composed by 11th century classical Persian poet Fakhruddin As'ad Gurgani.The artist attempts to relate the romantic epic to the present-day context of Iran. In doing so, Ramin Etemadi-Bozorg attempts to set the ground for today’s audiences to correspond with the world of myths through taking an active role in his performance, instead of being idle observers. It seems, in Etemadi’s performance, the modern dichotomous understanding of logos versus mythos(myth), which is considered as an antagonistic and non-reconciliatory way of thinking has been challenged, since he makes a reconciliation between the world of myth and today’s logo-enteric tendency of modern audiences.

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بدن جولانگاه قدرت  / Your Body is a Battleground of power


بدن تو جولانگاه قدرت

بدنهای عوروعریان ،عاری از هرگونه  عناصر زیباشناختی جنسی، جنسیت را که ساختارها به صورت یک عارضه،بر بدنش داغ کردند را فریاد می زنند. فیگورها ادعای پس گرفتن حق پایمال شده ی تاریخی خود، از گذشتگان را ندارند بلکه اعاده حیثیت می کنند از حق انسان زیستن در بدنی جنسیت زدا. بدنی جنسیت زدا به این معنا که بر تمام بستر های معنی ساز به مفاهیم خط کشی ها  و تبعیض های جنسی کاذب مهر ابطال بزند و معیارهای جنسی  به معیارهای انسانی مبدل گردد.

آثار از مخاطب طلب می کند ،تحمل کند شرم دیدن،تقلیل دادن شرف وهستی انسانی،تحت عنوانزن به یک حفره واندام جنسی در جامعه . بدنهای زنان به دور از هر نوع حاشیه وابهام ،به صورت مخاطب می کوبند نگاه واقعیتی را که همه نا خواسته و ندانسته در آن بی انسان شدیم.

سخن من بر سر انکار،ستایش یا برجسته سازی تفاوتهای جنسی نیست، سخن من بر سر نقد دیدگاه ابزاری وتبعیض    امیز جنسی از هر نوع  وشکلش است

Shadi Moosavi is a contemporary Iranian artist. She deals with issues of sexuality, body ,and identity in her paintings. The distinguishing characteristic of her works is their emphasis on sexualized human bodies attempting to visually reveal how socio-political power relationships create and consolidate the common and fixed sexual stereotypes and sexually arranged roles of our times. Through assimilation of sexual organs in a single blood-stained body, Shadi Moosavi defines gender and sexuality as a social construction contributing to the core of political power in order to maintain dominance over women’s bodies and minds. In her statement about her paintings she says:

“The women’s body, lacking all the elements of sexual beauty, calls out the sexuality as an excrescence being scorched on the corps. The figures do not claim their trampled historical right from the ancestors; instead claim for their identity. The right of living likes a real human from the body detached from the sexuality; meaning that it eliminates all the foundations that create meaning in concept of rules and regulations and the pseudo-discriminations against the genders. And transform the sexual criteria’s to humanitarian ones.

The works ask the viewers to survive the taboo of looking at them, alleviating the honor and the being of human being in the name of “woman” to a “ sexual organ” in the society. Women’s body away from elaboration and ambiguity, brings a fact in front of the viewer’s face, we have turned inhuman even inadvertently.”


Learning to be [ENG]

How do we find ourselves today without losing a piece? How do we continue our stride toward advancement in the sciences without pulling back from the arts? Fatimah discusses the bridges between the arts and science and how an interdisciplinary mindset a necessity in the modern world. She discusses her part in researching what will be one of the most sophisticated pieces on innovation that involves musicians, artists, and scientists- the Data Stetho-project.

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Strange Attractor: A Ballroom Marfa Exhibition Pt. 1 [ENG]

Gryphon Rue, curator for the exhibition Strange Attractor, speaks with Roger Malina about some of the artworks that will be featured in Ballroom Marfa. One work, by Phillipa Horan, uses mycelium (of which mushrooms are the fruiting body) grown to fit a sculptural mold. Gryphon also talks about Haroon Mirza’s monumental Stone Circle sound work calling Mirza a “composer of objects.” Roger inquires about the Edgar Varese compositions proposed for the exhibition. Read more about the exhibition below:

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The October Previews Catalog

On this week’s episode, Andy and Derek highlight notable solicitations in the October Previews catalog.

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Just a Band

In this episode we speak to long time friends and musicians, Just A Band from Kenya. The group was formed when their members were studying at Kenyatta University. They went on to release the song “IWINYO PINY” accompained by a self-made animated music video. Initially the song received little airplay to to its unconventional musical style, but with time they started to gain popularity through underground channels. Their debut album SCRATCH TO REVEAL was relatively successfull. They released their second single HA-HE‘ on 17 March 2010, accompanied by a music video featuring a charater known as Makmende. The video has subsequently been described as Kenya’s first viral internet meme by the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fast Company. Also their track “HUFF + PUFF” can be hear over the 2012 movie “House at the End of the Street”.

Just A Band is a Kenyan House/ Funk / Disco band whose career was launched with their debut album, “Scratch To Reveal” in 2008. Their Music has explored various musical directions such as, but not limited to, Jazz, Hip Hop, Disco and Electronica.
The Band are also notable for their DIY aesthetic. In addition to writing, recording and engineering their music, the band creates their own music video’s, packaging and promotional items and establishing a strong we and blog presence.

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The Hardest Working Invisible Man in Speculative Fiction: The Bill Campbell Experience

Bill Campbell and Tracey Berry discuss the difficulties of being a black fan, writer and publisher in science fiction. In particular, Bill offers his own experience of attempting to be seen in a world that chooses not to acknowledge his existence and how his work with Rosarium Publishing attempts to create a space for writers that both precede and succeed him.

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