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For the 50th anniversary of the Leonardo Journal last year, we decided to release a multilingual remix of the podcasts already published on the Virtual Africa channel in order to illustrate the scope and diversity of the topics covered and the vast amount of work that still remains to be done. Each segment of the conversation is followed by a short musical excerpt or a testimony in a vernacular language (Bantu languages - Bassa, Yambassa, Béti… - Arabic, Urdu, English, French, etc.). We warmly thank all those who have accepted our invitation for an interview in the past few years as well as all the anonymous participants who, from Africa, have agreed to participate in this episode. All but three of the sounds in this podcast have been reproduced from previous episodes. The references are listed below.

A l’occasion du cinquantième anniversaire du journal Leonardo l’année dernière, nous avons entrepris de réaliser un remix multilingue des podcasts déjà publiés sous la chaîne Afrique Virtuelle afin d’illustrer l’étendue et la diversité des sujets abordés et le travail immense qu’il nous reste encore à faire. Chaque segment de la conversation est suivi d’un court extrait musical ou d’un témoignage en langue vernaculaire (langues bantoues – bassa, yambassa, béti…- arabe, urdu, anglais, français, etc.). Nous remercions chaleureusement tous ceux qui ont accepté de nous accorder un entretien au cours de ces dernières années ainsi que l’ensemble des participants anonymes qui, depuis l’Afrique, ont accepté de participer à cet épisode. La totalité des sons présents dans ce podcast ont été reproduits à partir des précédents épisodes, à l’exception de trois d’entre eux. Les références sont indiquées ci-dessous.

Voices include :
Carolyne Ojwangue, Jepchumba, Tegan Bristow, Maria Mosomi, Marcus Neustetter, Mandla Maseko, Nora Abushadi, Koffi Sename, Morgan Trevor, Huda Hashim, Haytham Nawar, Edleeca Thompson, Jakki Opollo and more.

Copyright : Audiolats – Jean-Yves Leloup, Carl Harms, David James Elliott « The Wire », Sergey Lopoukha « Lull » (Universal Production Music), Marquis Watts « Bam Bam Bam », Jendah Manga, « extrait Kora ».

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Dr. Pamela Gossin and Eun Ah Lee talk about how enjoyable to explore hidden figures of science in history, literature, and culture and how it helps us discover science all around us.

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Konstantinos Vasilakos is a performer and composer of Electroacoustic music. His research interests include sonification, gestural improvisation, and live coding with networked music systems. He holds a PhD in Music from Keele University in the UK, and a Masters degree from the Utrecht School of the Arts, in the Netherlands. His works have been presented in the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. He has collaborated with leading research centers such as CERN, in Switzerland, and the Laboratoire ACROE/ICA, at the University of Grenoble, in France. At the moment he resides in Istanbul where he is teaching in the Sonic Arts department of the Dr. Erol Üçer Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM), in the Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ), Istanbul, Turkey.

Here is a pointer to his github regarding a live coding project involving sonification data from the Large Hadron Collider. The project is a collaboration between BEER ensemble (University of Birmingham) and the Art@CMS project at CERN.

The public facing aspect of this work can be seen at

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Feng, Qianhui is an architect, interactive designer and multi-media artist. She is focusing on Interactive architecture and multi-Media art, as well as immersive theatre and interactive performance. She has earned two master degrees, first one is in the major of Architectural Design and theory from Harbin Institute of Technology, and second one is in Design for Performance and Interaction from the Bartlett School of University College London.
In this episode, Feng first introduced one of her architecture project, the museum of the Chinese writer Cao, Xueqin, who is the author of Dream of the Red Chamber, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. The architectural project features a spatial embodiment and visualization of Cao’s literary world. The counterpart concept of space in Chinese language is kong jian 空间. Although kong 空 is translated as empty in English, but from a Daoist perspective, it actually means unlimited potentially. Thus, the space is not understood as a physical one with a determinate length and width, but rather a place of people’s life, memory, feeling, and open possibility. The conversation also covers the ideas of cang 藏 (hide), kuang 框 (frame) from traditional garden creation.
After a few years of work as an architect, Feng then enrolled in IAlab in University College London to develop her knowledge in Performance and Interaction designing. Feng tried to combine her long-term interest in traditional Chinese aesthetics and contemporary media art creation. She created a new form of theatre named Inner Awareness using the design of a spatial interactive installation that will assess the relationship between performance, space and audience, thereby providing the audience with a thoroughly immersive experience. It is based on a romantic classic Chinese Kunqu Opera THE PEONY PAVILION written by dramatist Tang, Xianzu in Ming dynasty 400 years ago. THE PEONY PAVILION tells a love story through the medium of dream beyond space and time, even beyond life and death. Nonetheless, the employment of digital technology can result in a new and better theatrical interpretation; the coming together and fusion of classical drama and contemporary digital art has the potential to give the opera a new lease of life. Feng used real-time body tracking, augmented reality and projection mapping to interact with the actor’s performance to transform the theatre space into a dream world. In such a space that is artistic and dreamlike, the audiences can transcend space and time, actual and virtual, become one with Du, experience her brave and persistent pursuit of her love and then raise their own inner awareness.
Furthermore, the installation can also be seen in a wider context and not only in the parameters of this one particular art form.
Thank you for listening! Please don’t hesitate to contact me via if you would like to learn more about the details of the conversation or have any suggestion.

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Paulo Bruscky’s work reflects a simultaneous engagement with both the Brazilian artist’s local framework of Recife and a global network, which he documents in artist’s books, performative projects, and photographs. Associated with Fluxus, and a key participant in the international mail-art movement, he investigates meaning through action, collage, installation, film, and poetry. Produced during his first trip to New York as part of a Guggenheim Fellowship and in collaboration with Daniel Santiago, Air Art Proposal of Composition of Colored Clouds in the Sky of New York(1982) is one of a series of classified ads published in Brazilian and other newspapers that advocate absurd or impossible situations.

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Dans cette version française de l’entretien qu’elle nous a accordé, nous revenons avec Giselle Malina sur son engagement pour les causes sociales et humanitaires. Des camps de réfugiés en Grèce aux orphelinats et organisations non-gouvernementales en Afrique ou en Haïti, elle nous fait part de son rapport aux situations de crise, à la gestion du temps, et aux questions éthiques ou politiques. Avec une expérience de plus de quatre ans au sein de Design for America, Giselle Malina développe une approche systématique des problèmes sociaux et médicaux.

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In this podcast, our hosts, Yvan Tina and Kyle Hamilton are joined by Giselle Malina to discuss her interest in global health and design, as well as her proven commitment to social and humanitarian causes. Ms. Malina expands upon her experiences with crisis situations, ethical, and political issues, from refugee camps in Greece to orphanages and NGOs in Haiti or Africa. Ms. Malina is developing a systematic approach to social and medical issues, building upon more than four of experience at Design for America.

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