Creative Disturbance
FUQ All Genders All Genres [ENG]

Alex Garcia Topete announces the launch of The Feminist United Quartely (FUQ), an online publication featuring all literature and art addressing feminism and gender equality. Rolling call for contributions is open at

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Journalism's View on Fracking [ENG]

Roger Malina discusses with Amelia Jaycen and Bobby Nash fracking from a journalistic view point.  This discussion views fracking from journalistic view points such as academic articles, internet based medias, and documentary styled art forms.

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Mechanisms and Abstractions of Life [ENG]

Drawing upon two of their most recent works, The Mechanism of Life - after Stephane Leduc (2013) and Futile Labor (2015), artist Ionat Zurr discusses our perceptions of life and talks about the processes that lead her with the Tissue Culture & Art Project to create semi-living art and our evolving relationship to labor.

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Insight into the Sonification Projects at the ArtSciLab [ENG]

Anvit Srivastav and Shruthi Ayloo, ArtSciLab alumni, talk about Sonification projects being developed in the ArtSciLab and discuss the state of sonification technologies for the web.

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Aesthetics of Complexity: The Distopias of Scale [ENG]

Roger Malina and long time friend Meredith Tromble discuss what she calls the "aesthetics of complexity." Roger and Meredith talk about what people desire, realism in art, and collective identity in this intellectually engaging podcast. Meredith also shares her workings with Dream Vortex.

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Roots of Curiosity: a Neuroscientist in a Science-Art Project [ENG]

What are the similarities of an artistic vs a scientific stage? What can scientists gain by working with artists? Neuroscientist and designer Gil Costa tell us about his experience as a participant in the science-art project "Roots of Curiosity".

STEAM: Bespoke Chicken or Curated Brisket? [ENG]

Robert Fee, Paul Fishwick and Roger Malina discuss the current discussion on the need to integrate art and design into science and engineering, STEM to STEAM. In particular the different ways that design is understood , from component design to context design. They can teach design using different approaches from problem, project, object, and topic approaches, but that university curricula are often designed backwards with the integrative approaches only occurring later in the syllabus. The discussion concluded with a nightmare scenario of the museum of the future which anticipates visitor interests and tell them what to experience, and commercial personalization of buyer needs versus customization. Fee contrasted the scenarios of going to the restaurant and experiencing the unanticipated offer of a great chef, a restaurant algorithm that anticipates what you should eat based on previous behavior, or a made-to-order menu.

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Being a Young Designer in Cairo [ENG]

Nora Abushadi is a talented designer who has been developing several projects touching, for example, upon the implementation of a multi-sensorial dining experience in Cairo and a speculative design for costume and stage designers, or even the destruction of literary culture by islamic extremists. Nora is a Virtual Africa Fellowship and has been awarded the Creative Disturbance Grants intended for international students.

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Life is a Long Game of Chess [ENG]

Paul Fishwick discusses with Zurabi Javakhadze and James Stallings the effects chess can have on life.  They also discuss the differences that can occur between chess based programs and methods of playing chess.

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A Glance into the ArtSciLab with Anvit Srivastav [ENG]

Anvit Srivastav, ArtSciLab labber alum, discusses working on projects in the ArtSciLab including Creative Disturbance and sound visualization, as well as his thoughts and plans for the future in the field of web development.

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Art-Act: une écriture du désastre [FR]

Art-Act est une entité binaire, constituée de Gaspard et Sandra Bébié-Valérian, qui utilise les moyens de l’art pour une «invention du quotidien», se détacher des normes, pour une politique de la récupération et du retournement. Dans ce podcast, le duo livre des clés de lecture du projet "What is Rising" qui a donné lieu à un séjour de résidence à Central Trak (Dallas) soutenu par l'Institut Culturel Français et le programme d'Art et technologie de UT Dallas. La performance-installation traite de l'exploitation du gaz de schiste par fracturation hydraulique ainsi que du risque de catastrophe qu'elle génère. Où "Ce qui monte" pourrait se donner à entendre comme une insurrection qui vient...

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De l’amitié Compromettante, avec Dominique Lestel 2/2 [FR]

Qu’est-ce qu’un rapport amical? Quelle relation existe t-il entre l’oeuvre d’art et l’artiste? Qu’est-ce qu’être vivant? Dans cette deuxième partie d’entretien, Dominique Lestel questionne la validité des modèles biologistes et les critères qui permettent de distinguer le vivant du non-vivant. Les artistes sont ceux qui peuvent, à ses yeux, tenter des expériences particulières et ainsi mettre en oeuvre des stratégies d’élargissement de la sphère du vivant. Reste le problème du langage et des blocages culturels.

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Disorienting Procedures: Teaching Consciousness through Art Science Practice [ENG]

Ellen Levy discusses her work bridging the arts and the study of consciousness with Roger Malina. Levy argues that artists are experts and developing disorienting procedures which allow them to manipulate perception and attention. Artists seem to have particular skills at simultaneously being aware of foregrounds and backgrounds. She discusses a number of artworks that illustrate embodied cognition. The ideas in this podcast are part of the work for Ellen's Course at the New School on Consciousness and creativity.

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De l’amitié Compromettante, avec Dominique Lestel 1/2 [FR]

Pour Dominique Lestel, il est urgent de penser le non-humain car être humain c’est, selon lui, entretenir une certaine proximité avec celui-ci. A l’occasion de l’ouverture de “DeMonstrable” (Perth, 2015), une exposition qui interroge notre habilité à intervenir sur le vivant à travers des expériences artistiques et scientifiques réalisées notamment depuis la création de la souris Vacanti, Dominique Lestel partage avec nous sa vision des processus amicaux à l’oeuvre en art et au sein du (non) vivant.

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