Creative Disturbance
Kim Fraczek, Artist and Activist [ENG]

Kim Fraczek protests fracking, a controversial technique to recover gas and oil from shale rock, using… puppets. She's been involved in the anti-fracking movement for many years. But it all started when she was a kid, and, as she tells it, got into punk music…

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Raízes da Curiosidade: Tempo de Ciência e Arte, a perspectiva da curadora do projecto, à conversa com Madalena Wallenstein [PT]

Neste podcast, Madalena Wallenstein dá a sua visão sobre o projeto de arte e ciência “Raízes da Curiosidade: Tempo de Ciência e Arte” e fala sobre o culminar do ciclo com o lançamento de um livro onde os intervenientes (duplas cientista-artista, criadores da ideia original, diretores artisticos e curadora) refletem sobre o processo de criação.

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Cynthia Rosenzweig, Senior Research Scientist, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies [ENG]

Cynthia Rosenzweig is a Senior Research Scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, one of the leading institutions for research about global climate change. There, she's the leader of the Climate Impacts Group—which means she studies the ways a changing climate has—and will—affect our lives...

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Wendy Brawer, Founder and Director, Green Map System [ENG]

Wendy Brawer is the woman behind Green Map System, an online platform for building community maps and guides to green living, nature and cultural resources. Green Map is now a presence in close to 900 communities in 65 countries. As Wendy remembers, it all started back in 1991, when she and a group of inspirational people from around the world were in New York City, preparing for the Earth Summit...

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Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly, Instructor, Teachers College, w/Anasa Scott, Co-founder, Greenproofing [ENG]

Gioya Fennelly is an Instructor at Teacher's College and is passionate about developing sustainable education curriculum and helping teachers build STEM education in their classrooms. Anasa Scott is strategic planning consultant and co-founder of Greenproofing, where she develops projects for nonprofits and public schools. Over the years, Gioya and Anasa have partnered to get students to experience science...with their hands. As Gioya recalls, a memorable part of one of their projects involved the students getting out of the classroom and into the neighborhood..

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Jeanne DuPont, Founder and Executive Director, Rockaway Waterfront Alliance [ENG]

Jeanne DuPont is the founder of the Rockaway Waterfront. Alliance. She works to raise awareness about the natural assets of the Rockaways, an oceanfront neighborhood on the outskirts of New York City. The alliance also advocates for the health and well being of the people who live in the Rockaway. Here, Jean remembers how everything changed after the community was struck by Hurricane Sandy.

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Putting Together the Best Band for Coworking [ENG]

In this podcast Roger Malina discusses with Chirag Gupta about coworking and collaboration. Within this they talk about NoD - North Dallas Coworking Space and methods of improving coworking/collaboration. A key point to Chirag's improvements are his applications of music.

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A Lovely Weather: Eco-Cancer and Garbage Art [ENG]

Morgan Trevor lives in Nigeria and uses art to interrogate his environment. Inspired by the writings of Suzanne Moser and Lisa Dilling on climate change, he makes use of visual metaphors to gauge the general public’s awareness and understanding of environmental issues. He also describes two of his work series, Eco-Cancer and Garbage In/Out.

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A Lovely Weather: In Defense of Waste! [ENG]

Following the first part of our discussion, Trevor describes two recent works of his series paintings, In Defense of Waste and Carbone-D. He comes back to both the possible role of artists in the act of creation and the responsibility of public institutions in the environmental crisis. He also shares ideas about the future of green technology in Africa.

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Kazi Ateea, Student, High School for Medical Professions, and Youth Leader, Global Kids [ENG]

Kazi Ateea is a passionate activist for climate change—and she's young, only 16 at the time she recorded this interview. Since learning about climate change, and seeing the impacts on her family and community, Kasi has become a youth leader on the climate stage. Here, she talks about how her birthplace has influenced her activism.

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Mary Miss, Artist and Founder, City as Living Laboratory w/ Courtney St. John, CRED, Columbia U. [ENG]

Mary Miss is an artist and Founder of the City as Living Laboratory who has, since the 1970's, been exploring how artists can play a more central role in addressing the complex issues of our times. Courtney St. John is Associate Director at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, or CRED, at the Earth Institute of Columbia University, where she works with decision-makers, researchers, scientists AND artists to understand how to effectively communicate climate change. Mary and Courtney came in to talk about how art can be a tool for communication and inspire action.

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چیدمانی از کهکشان / Galactic Installation [FA]

In this podcast contemporary Iranian artist, Mahsa Karimizadeh, talks about her recent exhibition in Aun Gallery in Tehran. She describes how nature, the infinite galaxy especially black holes and the microscopic world of atoms have constantly been primary sources of her artistic inspiration.

مهسا کریمی زاده هنرمند مجسمه سازی است که همواره طبیعت، جهان بی انتهای کهکشانها، سیاهچاله ها و حتی جهان میکروسکوپی اتمها نخستین منبع الهام بخش او در خلق آثار هنری بوده اند.او در جستجوی ماهیت سیاهچاله های فضایی به عنوان پدیده هایی که هم جهان را می بلعند و هم موتور متحرک جهان هستند، راه به دنیای درونی خود می برد. نمایشگاه اخیر او در گالری’’ آن“ اثر خلاقانه ای بود که ذهن مخاطب را به تصاویری از کهکشان و اجرام فضایی پیوند می زد