Creative Disturbance
Fracking an Academic and Humane Look at the Pros and Cons [ENG]

In this podcast Yvan Tina discusses with Amelia Jaycen, Gaspard and Sandra Bébié-Valérian about fracking. Fracking is hydraulic fracturing where you inject liquid at high pressure into the ground to fracture/cut the rock.  They discuss both the academic ends of fracking as well as the human and political ends.

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Announcing an Afrofuturism Podcast Series [ENG]

Tobias Van Veen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Montreal who wrote his dissertation on Afrofuturism and the interplay of chronopolitics, concept-techniques and myth-science. In this introductory podcast, we touch upon the history of Afrofuturism in art, performance, music and literature and its relationship with time, space, science-fiction and issues of race.

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Roots of Curiosity: Neuroscientists in a Science-Art Project [ENG]

Is it possible to create an object that is both artistic and scientific? Neuroscientists Maria and Ana discuss their experience as participants in the science-arts project "Roots of Curiosity". They paired with artists to create a "symbiotic" piece and tell us about their challenges and motivations.

When the Mind is the Medium; On the New Connections between Art and Neuroscience [ENG]

Ellen Levy discusses the burgeoning work at the nexus between the arts and neurosciences today. There is a renewed interest in how artists can provide outlooks insights and new approaches for cognitive and neuroscientists. and recognises the inadequacies of contemporary science to understand subjective experience, qualia and consciousness . She notes that some qualia can now be measured; her discussant Roger Malina, her discussant, jokes that this is the first time he has heard an artist comment favorably on reductionism.

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UX Professional: Year One [ENG]

Jayneil Dalal and Art Sanchez discuss their transition into the user experience field and their encounters with politics, portfolios and pixels.

Their panel talk at the Big Design Conference 2015 was moderated by Adam Polansky and included Adrienne Guillory and Sophia Siragusa.

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Roots of Curiosity: The Neuroscientist Gil and the Artist Tiago [ENG]

Neuroscientist Gil and Artist Tiago discuss working together and creating a symbiotic object during the project Roots of Curiosity, and how they created their performative art-science peice


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Joining Contact Improvisation and Neuroscience to Understand Social Decision-making [ENG]

In this podcast, Rita Venturini describes her idea for a project inspired by her comnined experience as a contact improvisation dancer and as a neurocientist. She wants to understand how what you think about others can biase your decisions in social contexts.

Every "Femgineer" has a Story [ENG]

Dr. Matthew Brown, Dr. Heather Hayenga, and Eun Ah Lee talk about Femgineers.

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Raízes da Curiosidade: Tempo de Ciência e Arte, à Conversa com Madalena Wallenstein, a Curadora do Projecto [PT]

Neste podcast, Madalena Wallenstein dá a sua visão sobre o projeto de arte e ciência “Raízes da Curiosidade: Tempo de Ciência e Arte” e fala sobre o culminar do ciclo com o lançamento de um livro onde os intervenientes (duplas cientista-artista, criadores da ideia original, diretores artísticos e curadora) refletem sobre o processo de criação.

Prosthetics Organs and Wearable Art [ENG]

Drawing on the work of Neri Oxman with her use of biomaterials and 3d printing for the design exploration Mushtari, and considering the popular examples of Henri Damon and Oscar Pistorius, Laini Burton investigates the use of prosthetic organs as wearable art in fashion industry and biodesign. From cosmetic surgery and extreme body modification to the design of astrobiological artefacts that could host life, she questions the agentic capacity of synthetic biology in our perception of liveness. The podcast also talks about the ideas of fiction and suspension of disbelief in design from the speculative and the contestable approaches.

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