Creative Disturbance

Hansong dan is Associate Professor of English at the School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University. His research interests include modern/contemporary American novels, 9/11 literature, posthumanism and Digital Humanities. He has authored numerous articles in nationally renowned journals, such asForeign Literature Review. His articles in English can be found in volumes published by Northwestern University Press and the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities. His book, To Realize the Universal: Allegorical Narrative in Thornton Wilder’s Plays and Novels, was published by Peter Lang in 2012. He has translated some works by Thomas Pynchon, Julian Barnes, and Thornton Wilder.

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This episode of the MAP Radio Hour features a conversation with writer, director and performer Katt Lissard about her theater work in the Southern African country, Lesotho. Additionally, Lissard and Engelstad reflect on their experiences as Fulbright Scholars and the value of Fulbright to relationship building, learning and international exchange. 
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Join Ben Lima for a conversation on the topics of imperial and modern China with Michael Szonyi. Click here to learn more about Michael Szonyi 

Recorded and Edited by Andrew Oh

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Ying, Xinxun works and teaches at the Fiber Art Department of the Chinese Academy of Fine Art. Her artistic creations include fiber installation, body installation, light installation, theatrical exhibition, image and video, painting and so on. Her works have a particular focus on the living condition of contemporary people, such as issues like how technology reshape people’s way of perception and how people find their way to live together with technology in the current techno-ecology.  

In this episode, Ying starts with sharing her idea behind one of her works “Don’t worry” which she created based on her personal experience witnessing her mother’s surgery. The title of the work is drawn from the doctor’s words “Don’t worry, I’ll suture nicely for you”. Being inspired by the comforting power of this sentence, she started the creation of this series of works. By combining soft fibers which have a particular sense of intimacy with human skin and other “sensorial materials” with a touch of technological sense put by Ying, she gave a unique liveness to her beautifully shaped artistic “creatures” with vivid “scars”. Scars are usually ugly and hurting, but by resting independently in a peaceful atmosphere, these “creatures” and their “scars” visualize a contrast between a virtualized soft beauty and actual dangerous reality, and arouse a mixed feeling of unsettling and comforting, reflecting our deep anxiety towards our contemporary reality and the ruthless passing of time. The use of the title “don’t worry” thus gain a particular meaning and also a sense of aspiration for recognizing our own power for coping with it.

Creating a new “species” or “synthetic creatures” with new material experiments is Ying’s way for exploring the actual living condition of contemporary people. In another work of hers, “Birdy,” performers wearing wings stand on a swing. This work is inspired by Foucault’s idea that “Madness always seems to suffer the fate of confinement, and confinement becomes the reason why madness exists.” In Ying’s work, the seemingly mad performers in their hopeless pursuit of flying looks both sad and beautiful, and reveals a contradiction of the confinement and self-release of contemporary people.

Ying also shares her observation on the practice of the new generation of artists. Unlike their pioneers working in the age of the 1980s, Ying thinks that without the historical burden and regulation of art media, the new art practices have a unique sense of freedom and relaxation.

Thank you for listening! More of Ying’s work can be found at Please don’t hesitate to contact me via if you would like to learn more about the details of the conversation or have any suggestion.

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In this first episode of Balance-Unbalance, we introduce the mission of Balance-Unbalance which is to go above spreading awareness, inducing responsibility to the people towards our lands, by engaging with committed professionals and artists.

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Fiona Hall and Eun Ah Lee talk about helping children learn how to think well and how mothers and children learn this together. What mothers do in STEM is contributing to change stereotypes of STEM women.   

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Minister Faust is an award-winning Kenyan-Canadian science fiction and magical realist author, artist and broadcaster. In this episode we discuss his long-awaited sequels to the Coyote Kings and War on Mir series, as well as independent publishing, tips on self-promotion for artists, the white canon of CanLit, and ancient Kemeti philosophy.

For more on Minister Faust, and to subscribe to his upcoming Patreon for the serialised Coyote Kings sequel, check out:

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Join Ben Lima for a conversation on the topics of morality and philosophy with Mark Johnson, author and Knight Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

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