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Knowledge Link through Art and Science (KLAS) is an Artist in Residence program of the Max Planck Society. KLAS fosters ArtSci exchange and transdisciplinary innovation and education whilst also establishing a link between Synthetic Biology research groups of two research institutions – Rijksuniversiteit Groningen [RuG] and two Max Planck Institutes [MPI]. In addition to awarding two Artist Residencies in 2017, KLAS will present a series of events and conversations around specific thematic topics. KLAS is funded by the Max Planck Society and the Schering Foundation and organized by Polyhedra.

Tom Robinson, from the Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, and his group, aim to build membrane structures using lipid vesicles, which mimic biological cell organelles. The goal is to understand how enzyme-catalyzed metabolic processes occur within confined organelles; and eventually, construct a cell using artificial membranes in order to understand how a cell functions.

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A podcast on the various elements of human computer interaction and the evolution of coding explained through the multidisciplinary journeys of Anvit Srivastav, an artscilab alumni presently working in the field of computer science, and Yusra Khan, the digital community manager for the ArtSci lab, currently pursuing her master's in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience.

Hosted by Ritwik kaikini.

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Martin Keary is a composer and visual artist based in London. “Apart from publishing work on musical topics, I write music for live ensembles, video games and film. My alma mater is the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where I completed an MMUS in composition under Gordon McPherson and Rory Boyle.”
Martin came to my attention when I ran across this well produced and thought provoking YouTube video on Sonification.

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This is one of many excellent videos he has produced and distributed on YouTube, but this one was so germane to the topic of this channel that I had to give him a ring. In doing some research on him, I discovered that he is, himself, a very talented composer, which for me gives him some basis for his well founded criticisms of many “sonifications” out there. Here is a pointer to a piece of his that might interest some listeners.

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We had an freewheeling conversation that I hope you find interesting.


I refer but do not name the Temporal Semiotic Units developed at the Laboratoire Musique et Informatique de Marseille. This work may be of interest to some as well.

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