Creative Disturbance
Putting the User Back in User Experience

Cassini Nazir and Jeremy Johnson discuss recent topics in user experience design and themes around his talk, Putting the User Back in User Experience.

Slides of Jeremy's talk can be found online at

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Platform for the Indie Platformer

Kyle Kondas sits down with former Gearbox Software developer J. Kyle Pittman to discuss the latter's venture into the world of indie game development. The two specifically address the release of Pittman's new game, "Super Win the Game", the sequel to one of 2012's most well-received indie game releases, "You Have to Win the Game".

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Why Big Dreamers Need to Know About Big Data

Meet your "Big Dreams? Big Data!" co-hosts and learn what ‘big data’ means to them – and, more importantly, why it matters to you!

vTapestry is a partnership between Christine Maxwell and Rebekah Nix dedicated to creating and delivering high-quality development tools and resources to support professionals in meeting the diverse challenges presented by a global community. vTapestry's combined expertise and experience in technology, education and publishing lend a unique capacity for realizing the potential of innovative ideas that lead to real-world solutions.

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Cancer: Finding Beauty In the Beast

Caroline Ometz and UT Southwestern PhD student Dhru Deb discuss their scientific/artistic collaboration in exploring cancer, using wabi-sabi and chaos theory to draw connections between the arts and science. The goals of their project are five-fold: gallery installation, publication, creation of a community of cancer sci-artists, education of the public through dialogue about cancer, and the production of new insights in research. Utilizing a process that combines the informational, the emotional and the creative, Ometz and Deb seek to see cancer in a new way.

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Dark Matter in Astronomy and in Art

Artist Morehshin Allahyari and astronomer Roger Malina are collaborating on a project that uses dark matter as a linking metaphor. Allahyari is currently focusing on making hidden and censored realities in Iran more visible, and is collaborating with Malina on a work that deals with his father, Frank Malina, and his problems with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Specifically, the FBI's files on Frank Malina detail the reports of an "Informant No. 11", who accused him of deliberately slowing down the allied victory in WWII.

With these projects in mind, Allahyari and Malina discuss the knowables and unknowables in human life and in the universe.


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Introduction to Art and Earth Science

Dr. Kathy Ellins and Dr. Susan Eriksson address the current status of art and earth science collaborations and new directions that could bolster their utility in geoscience research and education. Dr. Kathy Ellins works in the office of Outreach and Diversity in the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin, while Dr. Susan Eriksson is an independent consultant and a research fellow in the ArtSci Lab at The University of Texas at Dallas.

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