Creative Disturbance
From Quantum Cognition and Decision Making to the Role of DMT in Cognition [ENG]

Christopher Germann and Roger Malina discuss Chris' current work in the Cognovo Ph D program, on quantum cognition which applies the mathematical formalisms of quantum theory to understanding cognitive processes. Germann is also working on non-commutativity in decision theory, with experiments in visual decision making and judgements. He is also studying the role of DMT in visual perception and cognitive capacities.

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A Glance into the ArtSciLab with Anvit Srivastav [ENG]

Anvit Srivastav, ArtSciLab labber alum, discusses working on projects in the ArtSciLab including Creative Disturbance and sound visualization, as well as his thoughts and plans for the future in the field of web development.

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COGNOVO "Drones with Desires by Agi Haines [ENG]

Agi Haines, a research fellow at the COGNOVO program in Cognitive Innovation at the University of Plymouth discusses her art projects with live human bodies and dead bodies, including her project "Drones with Desires" as part of Erasmus, and behaviour studies of microscopic organisms.

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Creativity is a Pretty Hard Problem [ENG]

Jack McKay Fletcher discusses with Roger Malina the idea that 'creativity' is the category of 'hard problems" as developed by philosopher David Chalmers. Or perhaps a "pretty hard problem"with sub areas that can be modularised, and identified with particular brain functions and regions, but is primarily systemic brain activities of the 'hard problem' type such as consciousness.

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Meta-Life Bumper: "Cr-e-ate" by Hal Clark [ENG]

In this podcast Hal Clark and Corey Smart discuss Hal's Meta-Life bumper. This bumper has an ambiance style and a very interesting use of vocals.

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Interactive Architecture with Philip Beesley [ENG]

Terranova discusses interactive architecture, synthetic biology in architecture, and living architecture with Philip Beesley.

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General Podcast Bumper: Hal Clark's use of Massive [ENG]

Corey Smart and Hal Clark discuss the new General bumper. Hal Clark used Maschine, Ableton, and Massive to make this bumper that fits well to any podcast.

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A Bid for ISEA 2018 in Durban [ENG]

Greg Streak is a multimedia artist and Lecturer at Durban University of Technology. The podcast begins with a short overview of his own practice and his vision for young artists in South Africa. Together with other African art activists, he calls for the first meeting of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts to take place in Africa, advocating for the creation of alternative spaces.

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Ephemerality and Cultural Memory in Digital Performances [ENG]

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Henry Daniel received his training as a dancer both in the Caribbean, North America and Western Europe - which provides him with a specific relationship to dance and African expressions. I engaged him in a conversation on the very notion of ephemerality in dance and the connections between rituals and technology. The podcast covers a wide range of topics such as computational and epigenetic memory, neurosciences or quantum mechanics.

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L. Alexis Emelianoff [ENG]

Our guest's interesting website points to her unique work creating new types of instruments for etheric fields or she says on her site "sonification of the dynamic plane: Instruments and systems tuning in to the volatile and unpredictable potentials of matter, from hard substance to the level of electron spin​" So this is a luthier of new sort. See some videos of her work at:

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Re-thinking the Leonardo Journal [EN]

Pamela Grant Ryan tells the story of her work as managing editor of the Leonardo Journal since 1984- including the rapid transformation into fully digital multimeda publications and the rapid growth of the Leonardo Journal that has accompanied the explosive growth of the international art-science-technology audience over the past 50 years. Her discussant is Roger Malina.

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