Creative Disturbance
Power of Information in the Age of Biotechnology [ENG]

What can we learn from the regulation of the physical world when looking at the world of information? Who controls the technology ? What could be the effects of biotechnology on Nature? These questions are among the important issues that this podcast addresses with Robert Cunningham, Assistant Professor at The University of Western Australia and author of Information Environmentalism: A Government Framework for Property Rights. Here we touch upon a variety of topics ranging from the environmental movement to issues of power and the role of artists in society.

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Cancer: Everything is Possible with Positive Attitude [ENG]
Elisabeth Schalij, an artist discusses her belief in positive energy and how that shaped her life. As a sequel of last year's "Cancer: Finding Beauty in the Beast" podcast, Elisabeth shares her motivations for working in such complicated subject matter. While interviewed by Yvan Tina, a Ph.D. student at Art and Technology, UT Dallas, Elisabeth talks about her recent work: Snowbear illustrated book and art installation named "Beauty in the Beast", at LuminArte Gallery, Dallas, TX, USA.


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Future of Architecture and Synthetic Biology [ENG]

This podcast talks about the increasing relationships between biology, computation and architecture. How could synthetic biology evolve in contact with architecture and how does it changes its aesthetics ? By looking at biology as a technology, SFU PhD candidate and (bio) designer Mahsoo Salimi gives some insight into the potential evolution of architecture and design with the integration of bioengineering and bioluminescence, just to name a few possibilities.

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The Divorce of Eye and Ear is an Accident of the History of Technology [ENG]

Guy Edmonds , a researcher in audiovisual history, discusses the very early days of cinema and his PhD work restaging some of the devices and performances. With Roger Malina he comments on the early days of the cell phone as a cinematic device and celebrate audivisual heritage day. He also discusses his interdisciplinary interactions wtih the 25 PhD students currently at the Cognovo program at the University of Plymouth.

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Helen and Newton Harrison on the Role of Artists in Mitigating Climate Change [ENG]

Helen and Newton Harrison are pioneers in the art and the environment movement since the 1970s. Over the last twenty years they have been doing projects and installations around art and climate change. Past projects have focused on watershed restoration, urban renewal, agriculture and forestry issues. see for the Force Majeure ebook. They are currently working with the Sagehen Creek Field Station for a long term art and climate change project.

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African Robots [ENG]

Entirely made of raw materials, Ralph Borland’s robotic art is inspired by “wild works” done by local craftsmen with whom he has developed a collaborative art practice throughout the years. This episode touches upon topics such as the history of automata in Africa, the field of ethnomathematics, and his current research project 'Global Arenas' which is an investigation of Southern contributions to global knowledge.

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Climate Artist Diane Burko with Writer Miriam Seidel [ENG]

Artist Diane Burko talks about her evolution from landscape painter to climate artist, and using art to help raise awareness about climate change, in a conversation with writer and critic Miriam Seidel.

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