Creative Disturbance (Adventures In Crowdfunding)
Crowdfunding the Indie Film

Filmmaker Jeff Walker discusses with David Marlett the methods and madness of Jeff's crowdfunding campaign for his new indie movie, JINH. They discuss filmmaking, passion projects, and Jeff gives strong insights and tips for crowdfunding campaigns for films.

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Finding America

A conversation between David Marlett and Iraq veteran Craig Anderson. Craig has an ongoing Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign wherein he seeks funding to travel across the United States, photographing and documenting what makes America a great country to live in and fight for. In this conversation Craig discusses what led him to undertake this mission, the work involved in crowdfunding, the obstacles he faced, and the passion required.

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Simply Successful Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding expert David Marlett and new media/crowdfunding attorney Michael Melfi talk about the current world of crowdfunding, with a particular look at equity crowdfunding and the new portal FUNDERBUILT.

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