Creative Disturbance (Art and Earth Science)
Climate Artist Diane Burko with Writer Miriam Seidel [ENG]

Artist Diane Burko talks about her evolution from landscape painter to climate artist, and using art to help raise awareness about climate change, in a conversation with writer and critic Miriam Seidel.

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Looking Behind and to the Future with Susan Eriksson [ENG]

In light of World Youth Skills Day, producer of the Art & Earth Science channel, Susan Eriksson, shares her wisdom and passion for geology and pivotal moments in her life that has affected her career even to this day.

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A Design Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction

Volcanologist Saskia Van Manen discusses a solution-based, design approach to working with communities to mitigate disasters associated with natural hazards.

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Visualizing Big Data

Geoscientist Brian Burnham discusses gigabytes and terrabytes - how big dtat require design to tease out new patterns and insights.

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Enhancing STEM:  The Arts Effect

Ruth Catchen and Carolyn DeCristofano, colaborators in a pilot project to add the arts to a visable STEM curriculum, Engineering is Elementary, discuss the process and importance of making STEM into STEAM.

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Coral Reef Mosaic Projects

Dr. Tim Lueker, geoscience researcher and mosaic artist, strives to save the ocean through mosaic art as outreach to promote awareness of climate issues affecting the oceans and environment.  Dr. Lueker discusses how his coral reef, mosaic projects with schools brings to light the threats to the natural world, expecially the oceans, from greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

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Students on Ice 2014

Artist Diane Burko with student participant Emily Moore and scientist Danielle Bianchi report from the Drake Passage after a week ‘on ice’ in Antarctica. 

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Desert Sustainability and Performance Art

Matthew Garcia discusses his desert-based art and ecology initiative - DesertArtLAB.  Desert ArtLAB seeks to inform a discourse of place in desert urban landscapes, while challenging desert residents to consider how indigenous desert ecology can inform identity, equality and resilience in our desert communities.

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Introduction to Art and Earth Science

Dr. Kathy Ellins and Dr. Susan Eriksson address the current status of art and earth science collaborations and new directions that could bolster their utility in geoscience research and education. Dr. Kathy Ellins works in the office of Outreach and Diversity in the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin, while Dr. Susan Eriksson is an independent consultant and a research fellow in the ArtSci Lab at The University of Texas at Dallas.

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