Creative Disturbance (Future Lab Africa)

Jepchumba in conversation with South African filmmaker Lebogang Rasethaba on his latest film Future Sounds of Mzansi. He discusses his discovery of storytelling through Film through his projects and studies in China.

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 Fakugesi Digital Art Residency - Nathan Gates

Nathan Gates is an artist currently based in Johannesburg. He holds a Master’s degree in Digital Arts from The University of The Witwatersrand where he also lectures part-time. His work focuses on the domestication of knowledge brought in part by the growing ubiquity of digital technologies and its accompanying technological modes of thinking.

In his practice he explores the relationship between “Agency” and “Structure” as this tension operates in everyday life, critically examining the nature of one’s capacity to act in a highly organized environments, both politically and socially. Though various modes of physical interrogation he examines to what degree agency (the ability to choose to act and be), is indebted to its fabricated physical and social environment and to what extent it can be considered autonomy vs. adaptation or making the most of circumstance. In a process based practice often incorporating found objects, ideas and gestures all as equal counterparts, he aims at opening up modes of mindful experimentation and knowledgeability that for the most part seek to make productive use of error and failure.
As Fak’ugesi Resident Gates investigated the wireless networks and their presence as public space. Through the residency Gates produced work that interogated the role of network names as a site for public interactivity, giving agency and control to the public through these names and their use. In this podcast she speaks to residency curator Tegan Bristow about his work and experiences on the residency.

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 Fakugesi Digital Art Residency- Ling Tan

In this episode Tegan Bristow interviews Fak’ugesi Resident Ling Tan.

Short Description
A festival residency which hosted three disciplines hardware (maker), software and arts with the Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Festival in Johannesburg South Africa. Residents comprised of two artists from the UK, Ling Tand and Kasia Molga, and two artists from South Africa, Nathan Gates and Jepchumba. Following the Fak’ugesi Festival, residents present outcomes in a residency exchange at Watermans in London in November 2015.

Residency Theme

The residency is developed in extension of the Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Festival, and the festival itself is about not only the convergence of technology, art and culture, but also the development of Braamfontien in Johannesburg as a new hub for digital media and technology cultures evolving from a vibrant community of young creatives living and working in the area. The residency is an invitation to respond to the environment by exploring it as it stands and to create speculative and digital public engagement in response to this theme: “Futurist Visions of Johannesburg / City: uncovering place and space, physical and virtual responses to ‘now’ for socio-cultural technologies of the future.”

Working together, sharing insights and knowledge while engaging the city and its technology cultures, we invited the residents to bring into being a speculative technological-engagement that asks questions of a futuristic Johannesburg / City.

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NTU: The State of the Internet

Jepchumba in conversation with the NTU. NTU is an agency concerned with the spiritual futures of the Internet. Founded by tech healers Bogosi Sekhukhuni, Nolan Oswald Dennis and Tabita Rezaire, NTU seeks to enhance intersubjective virtual user possibilities. NTU provides decolonial therapies for the digital age.


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Just a Band

In this episode we speak to long time friends and musicians, Just A Band from Kenya. The group was formed when their members were studying at Kenyatta University. They went on to release the song “IWINYO PINY” accompained by a self-made animated music video. Initially the song received little airplay to to its unconventional musical style, but with time they started to gain popularity through underground channels. Their debut album SCRATCH TO REVEAL was relatively successfull. They released their second single HA-HE‘ on 17 March 2010, accompanied by a music video featuring a charater known as Makmende. The video has subsequently been described as Kenya’s first viral internet meme by the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fast Company. Also their track “HUFF + PUFF” can be hear over the 2012 movie “House at the End of the Street”.

Just A Band is a Kenyan House/ Funk / Disco band whose career was launched with their debut album, “Scratch To Reveal” in 2008. Their Music has explored various musical directions such as, but not limited to, Jazz, Hip Hop, Disco and Electronica.
The Band are also notable for their DIY aesthetic. In addition to writing, recording and engineering their music, the band creates their own music video’s, packaging and promotional items and establishing a strong we and blog presence.

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