Creative Disturbance (Narratives in Dark Culture)
Creating a Space for the Black Woman Nerd: The Jamie Broadnax Experience

Jamie Broadnax joins Poe Johnson to discuss how growing up as comic book and video game fan while being a black girl led to the creation of the website and podcast: Black Girl Nerds. Additionally, they discuss the need for more inclusive voices and spaces within digital communities, and the relationship between fandom and social justice.

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Re-Thinking Science Fiction's Past, Present, and Future: The Lisa Yaszek Experience [ENG]

Dr. Lisa Yaszek joins Poe Johnson to discuss the early women of science fiction, her own experiences as a woman scholar of science fiction, Afro-Futurism and its ever-changing resonance for academics and people of color, and the role of feminism within science fiction.

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The Hardest Working Invisible Man in Speculative Fiction: The Bill Campbell Experience

Bill Campbell and Tracey Berry discuss the difficulties of being a black fan, writer and publisher in science fiction. In particular, Bill offers his own experience of attempting to be seen in a world that chooses not to acknowledge his existence and how his work with Rosarium Publishing attempts to create a space for writers that both precede and succeed him.

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