Creative Disturbance (Virtual Africa)

For the 50th anniversary of the Leonardo Journal last year, we decided to release a multilingual remix of the podcasts already published on the Virtual Africa channel in order to illustrate the scope and diversity of the topics covered and the vast amount of work that still remains to be done. Each segment of the conversation is followed by a short musical excerpt or a testimony in a vernacular language (Bantu languages - Bassa, Yambassa, Béti… - Arabic, Urdu, English, French, etc.). We warmly thank all those who have accepted our invitation for an interview in the past few years as well as all the anonymous participants who, from Africa, have agreed to participate in this episode. All but three of the sounds in this podcast have been reproduced from previous episodes. The references are listed below.

A l’occasion du cinquantième anniversaire du journal Leonardo l’année dernière, nous avons entrepris de réaliser un remix multilingue des podcasts déjà publiés sous la chaîne Afrique Virtuelle afin d’illustrer l’étendue et la diversité des sujets abordés et le travail immense qu’il nous reste encore à faire. Chaque segment de la conversation est suivi d’un court extrait musical ou d’un témoignage en langue vernaculaire (langues bantoues – bassa, yambassa, béti…- arabe, urdu, anglais, français, etc.). Nous remercions chaleureusement tous ceux qui ont accepté de nous accorder un entretien au cours de ces dernières années ainsi que l’ensemble des participants anonymes qui, depuis l’Afrique, ont accepté de participer à cet épisode. La totalité des sons présents dans ce podcast ont été reproduits à partir des précédents épisodes, à l’exception de trois d’entre eux. Les références sont indiquées ci-dessous.

Voices include :
Carolyne Ojwangue, Jepchumba, Tegan Bristow, Maria Mosomi, Marcus Neustetter, Mandla Maseko, Nora Abushadi, Koffi Sename, Morgan Trevor, Huda Hashim, Haytham Nawar, Edleeca Thompson, Jakki Opollo and more.

Copyright : Audiolats – Jean-Yves Leloup, Carl Harms, David James Elliott « The Wire », Sergey Lopoukha « Lull » (Universal Production Music), Marquis Watts « Bam Bam Bam », Jendah Manga, « extrait Kora ».

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Introducing Kapital Movie Industry Corporation [EN]

Striving to become the “Hollywood of South Sudan”, Kapital Movie Industry is a network of visionary young artists, documentarists, Graphic Designers, Filmmakers, Web Designers, Film Directors and Visual Effect Artists who are interested in telling the story of their new country and helping to build its future. With the PeaceHackCamp they organize each year, the aim to engage with youth using graphic technology, cinema and video to promote peace in South Sudan. In this podcast, Bakahika Bruno, KMIC’s operational manger, talks about his visions for the future of African cinema and the technical (and economical) difficulties they encounter in order for new talents to emerge.

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The New Afronaut

In Christina de Middel's website, one can read the following: "In 1964 a Zambian science teacher named Edwuard Makuka decided to train the first African crew to travel to the moon. His plan was to use an aluminium rocket to put a woman, two cats and a missionary into Space". Unfortunately the project never came to fruition but the expression, coined by Makuka, has been adopted in space culture. This podcast is an interview of Mandla Maseko, the first black African to travel into space, by Yvan Tina and Roger Malina. 

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Being a Young Designer in Cairo [ENG]

Nora Abushadi is a talented designer who has been developing several projects touching, for example, upon the implementation of a multi-sensorial dining experience in Cairo and a speculative design for costume and stage designers, or even the destruction of literary culture by islamic extremists. Nora is a Virtual Africa Fellowship and has been awarded the Creative Disturbance Grants intended for international students.

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Announcing an Afrofuturism Podcast Series [ENG]

Tobias Van Veen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Montreal who wrote his dissertation on Afrofuturism and the interplay of chronopolitics, concept-techniques and myth-science. In this introductory podcast, we touch upon the history of Afrofuturism in art, performance, music and literature and its relationship with time, space, science-fiction and issues of race.

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African Robots [ENG]

Entirely made of raw materials, Ralph Borland’s robotic art is inspired by “wild works” done by local craftsmen with whom he has developed a collaborative art practice throughout the years. This episode touches upon topics such as the history of automata in Africa, the field of ethnomathematics, and his current research project 'Global Arenas' which is an investigation of Southern contributions to global knowledge.

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A Lovely Weather: Eco-Cancer and Garbage Art [ENG]

Morgan Trevor lives in Nigeria and uses art to interrogate his environment. Inspired by the writings of Suzanne Moser and Lisa Dilling on climate change, he makes use of visual metaphors to gauge the general public’s awareness and understanding of environmental issues. He also describes two of his work series, Eco-Cancer and Garbage In/Out.

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A Lovely Weather: In Defense of Waste! [ENG]

Following the first part of our discussion, Trevor describes two recent works of his series paintings, In Defense of Waste and Carbone-D. He comes back to both the possible role of artists in the act of creation and the responsibility of public institutions in the environmental crisis. He also shares ideas about the future of green technology in Africa.

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Émoticônes et Diversité Culturelle [FR]

Kofi Sika Latzoo est directeur artistique des studios Efixx à Dakar, leader du chapitre sénégalais auprès de l’IGDA (International Game Developers Association), responsable du programme d'innovation de la NASA au Senegal (Space Up challenge) et co-fondateur, avec Bacely Yorobi, du Game Camp qui a pour ambition de créer un écosysteme favorable à l’émergence d’industries logicielles ludiques sur le contnent africain. Il est surtout question dans ce podcast de l’implémentation d’émoticônes africains sur la plateforme sociale Line et du développement des cultures électroniques en Afrique.

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Creative Technology and Soft Power [ENG]

What role that art and culture can play in Africa ? This is a question that artist designer and curator Pierre Christophe Gam addresses in this podcast from his recent participation to an international symposium on creativity and economical growth in Abidjan, which also touched upon issues of cultural diplomacy and soft power.

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Making Africa, Afropolis and the African Renaissance [ENG]

A conversation on African Renaissance, through the Afro-Polis and Making Africa exhibitions that London based polymath artist and cultural entrepreneur Pierre-Christophe Gam conceived and helped curated with the ambition to tour in Europe and Africa.

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After Fakugesi. The Post-African Futures Labs [ENG]

Together with Tegan Bristow and Jepchumba, two leading figures in the African digital scene and co-founders (with Christo Doherty) of the now iconic Fakugesi festival, we share ideas about emerging trends of digital culture and their ongoing collaboration project with the Post-African Future Africa labs. “Add the power”.

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A Bid for ISEA 2018 in Durban [ENG]

Greg Streak is a multimedia artist and Lecturer at Durban University of Technology. The podcast begins with a short overview of his own practice and his vision for young artists in South Africa. Together with other African art activists, he calls for the first meeting of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts to take place in Africa, advocating for the creation of alternative spaces.

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Ephemerality and Cultural Memory in Digital Performances [ENG]

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Henry Daniel received his training as a dancer both in the Caribbean, North America and Western Europe - which provides him with a specific relationship to dance and African expressions. I engaged him in a conversation on the very notion of ephemerality in dance and the connections between rituals and technology. The podcast covers a wide range of topics such as computational and epigenetic memory, neurosciences or quantum mechanics.

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FabCamp, W.Afate, Woelab ! [FR]

Labellisé “premier espace africain de démocratie technologique”, le WɔɛLab compte probablement parmi les rares fablabs présents sur le continent. Situé à Lomé, au Togo, le WɔɛLab est un “espace d'innovation partagée où s'élabore au quotidien de nouvelles approches de la collaboration productive vertueuse en contexte africain.” Son équipe est notamment à l’origine de la très remarquée W.Afate, première imprimante 3D (africaine !) créée à partir de déchets électroniques.

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L'Africaine D'Architecture et le Style Néo-Vernaculaire [FR]

Ce podcast est la première partie d’un entretien avec Koffi Sénamé, architecte et anthropologue de nationalité togolaise, fondateur de l’espace de démocratisation technologique Woelab à Lomé, dans lequel nous évoquons des questions liées à l’urbanisme et à l’architecture néo-vernaculaire en particulier.

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Open Culture in South Sudan [ENG]

Stephen Kovats describes the Open Culture Agency which works in Africa and in particular in South Sudan enabling open source strategies to empower local communities, access to public domain information.They have worked both with local state governments and citizen organisations such as the KVA Kapital Virtual Academy organised by local medical students .

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أرشفة الثقافة البصرية في مصر

كجزء من مشروع اضطراب الإبداعي، مقابلة مع هيثم نوار حول أرشفة الثقافة البصرية في مصر. العلاقة بين مشهد فنون
.الميديا (الوسائط الجديدة) و الفنون الرقمية في مصر وأفريقيا و دور المؤسسات التعليمية

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A partir d’une anecdote sur Paul Klee, Yasser Jeradi, auteur de l’un des airs les plus populaires de la révolution tunisienne (“Dima Dima”), nous entretient sur son rapport à la calligraphie et aux outils numériques qu’il considère comme de nouveaux “espaces de sensibilités”. Le podcast s’achève sur l’évocation d’un festival d’art numérique dans le désert tunisien.

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نتخذ الفن العربي إلى أعلى مستوى من الابتكار واستخدام التكنولوجيا

مقابلة مع ياسر جرادي ، الفنان التونسي والموسيقار الذي خلق الأعمال المبتكرة في العالم العربي . في البودكاست ، ناقشنا التقدم في فن الخط وكذلك استخدام التكنولوجيا ووسائل الإعلام الجديدة. تحدثنا أيضا عن أهمية إقامة اتصالات في جميع أنحاء العالم مع فنانين آخرين لخلق تبادل المعرفة و التعبير الفني

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An Impossible Cyclopedia with Haytham Nawar

A podcast between Roger Malina, Yvan Tina and Haytham Nawar, director and co-founder of Di-Egy Fest, the first festival dedicated to digital arts in Egypt ( Collection of visual materials and issues of translation between communication systems (iconic, pictographic…) are discussed along with the need to develop and strengthen curatorial networks in the Arabic and the Subsaharian Africa.

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Ontologies Vocales et Technologies Endogènes (2/2) [FR]

Avec l’explosion de la bulle internet, les réseaux sociaux offrent l’opportunité de fournir des informations à des personnes qui se trouvent dans des endroits distants. Quels usages sont fait des réseaux sociaux en Afrique et quelles applications peut-on en tirer ? Gilles Kounou, ingénieur en système informatique et génie logiciel fournit quelques éléments de réponse à partir des problématiques locales de son pays, au Bénin.La deuxième partie de ce podcast est consacrée à la constitution de réseaux de capteurs et de technologies endogènes ainsi qu’à l’implication de Gilles Kounou dans le développement de ces technologies en milieux urbains et ruraux.

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Ontologies Vocales et Technologies Endogènes (1/2) [FR]

Avec l’explosion de la bulle internet, les réseaux sociaux offrent l’opportunité de fournir des informations à des personnes qui se trouvent dans des endroits distants. Quels usages sont fait des réseaux sociaux en Afrique et quelles applications peut-on en tirer ? Gilles Kounou, ingénieur en système informatique et génie logiciel fournit quelques éléments de réponse à partir des problématiques locales de son pays, au Bénin. La première partie de ce podcast est consacrée à la numérisation de solutions par le moyen d’ontologies vocales qui permettent d’adresser des problématiques locales.

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Faire Palpiter les Sens

Poursuivant le dialogue autour des notions de rythme et de synergie, Mohamed Aziz Chafchaouni ouvre dans la deuxième partie de cet entretien des pistes de réflexion pour une réappropriation futuriste (et contemporaine) de l’essence africaine. Cependant, l’essentialisation des formes ne représente t-elle pas elle aussi un danger pour l’art ?

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A Chess / Digital Art Project

Al Banda is a start-up consultant by profession but has a passion for chess, programming language and creative coding. He worked as the manager of one of Africa’s leading innovation clubs and after having contributed to the development of a social scratch club to help secondary school students learn programming concepts, he and his people are now in the process of setting up a cultural innovation center in Buea (Cameroon) which aims to support technology entrepreneurs and promote computer art in West Africa. They want to see what kind of inspirations can be ignited by creating an environment where students can approach logical thinking through chess and creative coding. Banda has written a Processing script that transforms Chess games into digital art.

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The Kenyan Diaspora Voices: The Role of Emerging Technology in Performance Art

Jabali Afrika has been making Kenyan rhythms for 22-years and they are still strong and thriving. This creative Kenyan troupe has exceeded all expectations to remain relevant in the music arena. In this podcast Justo Asikoye, one of the founding members of Jabali Afrika sheds light into their endurance and musical experiences, from their humble beginnings to their music production processes.

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The Kenyan Diaspora Voices: The Role of Emerging Technology in Radio

The Kenya immigrant population is frequently nostalgic and constantly retell stories of their homeland. The American culture is a culture shock and can energize or stifle an immigrant. Survival and eventual success in the US depends on perseverance and most importantly, the support system. The One Mic Show is an outlet for East Africans to discuss their experiences abroad and serve as a way for the immigrants not to feel overwhelmed. Humphrey Muturi is the brainchild behind The One Mic Show and can be caught on the Internet giving advice and addressing issues affecting the Kenyan Diaspora community.

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Reliquaries and Afrofuturisms

Public sculptor and new media artist Andrew Scott welcomes us in his workshop where he creates his reliquaries that may be perceived differently in daylight or darkness. The laser cut relief sculpture functions as a traditional sculpture by day, with light playing across the faceted surface. By night however, projection mapping brings the work’s subject matter into clarity, as the large face becomes a death mask referencing recent killings of unarmed African American men (for example African American men who lost their lives in tragic encounters with the police in 2014). A reliquary is a receptacle used to hold, display and keep sacred relics. The form and spirit of this work is directly informed by the reliquary figures of the Kota People in Gabon. An excellent opportunity to share ideas about stakes of power, aesthetics, remix of traditional art and globalization.

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Appel à contributions pour un laboratoire d’idées

Dans la première partie de cet entretien, Mohamed Aziz Chafchaouni tente de répondre à la question “Qu’est-ce que Afrique Virtuelle ?” au regard des phénomènes de mondialisation et des possibilités offertes par les techno-sciences. Après avoir discuté, entre autres, des enjeux de démocratisation du savoir et d’une nécessaire réappropriation de l’outil technologique, Mohamed A. Chafchaouni propose de réfléchir à la création d’un “think tank” pluridisciplinaire qui oeuvre à la formulation conceptuelle et théorique du projet.

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Nubean Textures:  Locating Islamic Culture in Virtual Environments

Islamic calligraphy and architecture have a long history of practice in the oriental world. Huda Hashim relocate parts of this story in the virtual environments she models with 3D animation softwares. By designing a 3D art gallery, it is now transformed into a “web gallery” that can be accessed online by a larger audience. Furthermore, the ability to manipulate the 3D environment allows for the potential to create installations that otherwise would be costly and difficult to construct in the real world.

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The Kenyan Diaspora Voices:  The Role of Emerging Technology in the Health Industry

The journey from our homes in Kenya to the US, also known to many as the “land of milk and honey,” is embarked on as an opportunity to excel in our chosen industries. In excelling, Dr. Jakki Opollo has exceeded all milestones and stands out in a sea of nurses as a top nurse. She has been a nurse for 14 years and currently serves as the Director of Professional Practice & Nursing Research at Parkland Health & Hospital System. In this podcast she sheds light on how emerging media plays a significant role in the health industry.

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The Johannesburg Rocket Factory

Artist-Activist Marcus Neustetter and Astronomer-Editor Roger Malina discuss the Rocket Factory project in Johannesburg; the ancient factory is being converted into residential units. Neustetter convinced the developer to creatively transform the project to create a unique residential space that is also connected to the imaginary of the place and its nearby residents.

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Low-Tech for Local Relevances

As founding member of The Trinity Session, along with Stephen Hobbes, Marcus Neustetter has been involved in several artistic projects in the Southern African region. This podcast presents a brief overview of his work and the local approach he promotes through the use of low technology.

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The Emerging and Disappearing Networks of The Trinity Session with Marcus Neustetter

Directed by Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter, The Trinity Session is a contemporary art production team defined by exchanges with their home-city Johannesburg, in relation to Africa and similar developed / developing contexts. Key activities include: temporary interventions and performances, in addition to producing and curating large scale public art programmes.

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The Black Body Under Construction: The Hottentot Then and Now

In this podcast, Edleeca and Poe unpack the theoretical underpinnings at work in Kim Kardashian's attempt to "break the Internet." Exploring the historical and scientific contexts within which black racial constructions of difference evolved, they debate the relevance of these contexts and their employment in justifying past, and present, models of behavioral and sexual deviance.

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Rencontre avec Mohamed Youssef

A Podcast with Mohamed H.Youssef, an independent Egyptian artist who experiments with a large diversity of media and different forms of visual and plastic arts: artistic booklets, digital works, paintings… Since 2006, his work has been focusing mainly on digital arts, and particularly on interactive spaces (with, for example, art pieces such as The Table, in search of lost time… and his project Particles). He has exhibited his work in Egypt, Germany, France, Korea.
He works as an Art director at the Planetarium center, one of the service centers at the Arab Academy for science, Technology and Martime transport. A member of many arts networks RamiMed, Animanet, creanumerica, Imera and others. Since it's start up, he is a member of RamiMed network, animator in Egypt and responsible of the RamiMed page on Facebook.

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The Intertwining Constructions of Blackness

Edleeca Thompson and Poe Johnson explore how art and science construct the embodiment of the Black image through the lens of history, art, sports, and film.

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Présentation de la plateforme RAMI au Liban

Claudine Dussolier, Abdo Nawar et Ricardo Mbarkho nous parlent de leur prochain livre et de la plateforme RAMI (Rencontres Arts et Multimédia Internationales) qui développe depuis une dizaine d’années des projets d’échanges internationaux en Afrique du nord et dans le bassin méditerranéen.

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