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 First of all, Welcome to my channel! My intention with this channel is to draw parallels between chess, art and technology. If you have ideas or topics that you would want to hear regarding chess, please do let me know. Let’s get started!

      Scot Gresham-Lancaster is a composer, performer, instrument builder, educator and educational technology specialist with over three decades of professional experience. Scott has worked with variety of different artists, one of them being a modernist giant John Cage. John Cage was a close friend of another very influential artist Marcel Duchamp, who was expert in chess. In 1967, Cage came up with the idea of using chess board as medium for live performance. Photoreceptors on the board would translate signals into the sound, so artist were composing music while playing chess. At 50years anniversary of the original piece, Scott reinvented ‘’Reunion’’ to perform at 9evenings Art exhibition in Seattle. Astrophysicist and head of ArtScienceLab Roger Malina and Neuroscientist Gagan Wig were part of the performance playing chess, while visually projecting data of aging process.


Short video about the performance.


Read more about the original piece.


Contact Scott to hear more about the artwork.

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Jayanth talks to Chandra about his current projects that listen to the invisible wavelengths of astrophysics. Using high altitude balloons and as his team's ambitions to go aboard a space shuttle in future, he discusses various opportunities for collaborations and impediments that exists for scientists to be able to listen into deep space.

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Part two of Janeil Engelstad’s conversation with eco-art pioneer Newton Harrison includes conversation about his current watershed project in Scotland, the impact of climate change on the region, both now and in the future, and how art and science can address it.
Today’s episode features music by Austin-based musician Lungfulls. To hear more of his work, please visit
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Duniya Soori, the acclaimed movie director, in conversation with Jayant Kaikini(Part 2). From strokes of paint on advertisement boards to directing and producing full fledged movies that drew influence from his life experiences, Soori speaks about interesting insights and the lessons he's learnt over the years, behind the paintbrush and the camera along with his crew and his own life. His latest venture 'Tagaru' deals with urban terror and the vulnerable common man. (The podcast is spoken in Kannada, the language of Karnataka,India)

Bumpers by Charan Raj,a blossoming music director in the Indian film Industry.
Gari(ಗರಿ) is an Indian multilingual podcast initiative produced and directed by Ritwik Kaikini.

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Janeil Engelstad speaks with eco-art movement pioneer Newton Harrison about his – along with Helen Harrison’s - 1993 work Serpentine Lattice, including its impact on the Pacific North West Temperate Coastal Rain Forest and the challenges the forest still faces today.
Today’s episode features music by Austin-based musician Lungfulls. To hear more of his work, please visit
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